Overwatch 2 - Rule 34 boogaloo

Today it looks like they actually merged stuff and I have my overwatch 1 loot, so they seem to have eventually gotten it.

Wake me when that’s the New and Improved PVE stuff. Uninstalled until then. Those prices to fill in the gaps for my missing skins is atrocious.

Ok, so now I still have my skins unlocked… But it’s back to having half of the characters locked (but they still have their skins).

I finally got the ability to merge my stuff and it went through. Things look sorted out. Hopefully they stay that way.

I think there is an issue now since sometime this afternoon that locked out some characters. This happened to me as well.

the characters being locked is a bug from them trying to hotfix out bastion and torb. Wish they would fix the ‘get booted if you get an achievement’ especially since it puts you in a banned state if it happens in ranked.

replay code DD1SXS for Sigma. not sure how that works.

I am not sure what you are saying with the replay code.

The Bastion thing makes sense, He is gone from my hero list now. Not just locked, it gone. From YouTube, I guess he had an infinite ultimate bug or something. I am back to being able to play all characters again, so I guess they sorted it again.

Overall, I have liked the PS5 experience. I’ve not played that much on my PC, but with the cross progression and my new PS5, I’m digging the couch play with the fancy trigger feedback features.

How was this thing out in beta for many, many months and then released with so many showstoppers?

Welcome to the QA team!

This ‘upgrade’ is so weird.

I fired it up on the xBox a couple of times this week and it’s far more like version 1.1 (beta) than a version 2.0.

Hell, even all the achievements are still Overwatch 1.0 from when I played it a fair amount in 2017 or so.

There are more missing features (such as after match reports) than there are useful updates, IMHO.

I’m having more fun with Paladins than OW2 now. Fired it up again after years and there are 18 new champs. It has less polish but overall just feels better to me. Getting tired of teammates being clueless or literally afk in ranked OW.

There is a Halloween event going that has a PvE mode in it. It is pretty fun and seems well received. It makes me hope for the someday PvE half of OW2 to be that but much more expansive and not a limited time event.

Does it differ much from the previous Halloween PvE modes?

Very disappointed with their lack of new skins for older chars and the amount of money needed for new ones.

There’s really no progression at all in the game at this point.

The amount of currency that you earn through playing the game is essentially zero, and the amount that is needed to purchase skins is huge. It’s pretty much the case that if you want skins, you need to shell out a large amount of money.

On some level, I don’t really care that much because I tend to play shooters for the sake of the shooting. The skins are just fluff, and the only time I ever paid actual money for cosmetics was Titanfall 2, just because I felt like Respawn deserved more money.

But at the same time, I know folks who kind of “need” some sense of progression, and they are just not getting it from OW2 at all.

In the old OW, you could randomly earn skins, and that was cool.

Now, aside from just buying stuff in the game with real money, there’s the battlepass but… it contains basically nothing. Like, even if you paid for the battlepass, the amount of stuff that’s actually IN it is virtually nothing compared to a game like CoD. It seems like a profoundly bad deal.

Even the achievements are still Overwatch 1? Wow, surprising to read. So it’s basically the same SKU as far as the Xbox is concerned, I guess?

So far, it appears. Might fire it up again tonight and see what the Halloween update looks like.

Yeah all the new skins I’ve seen from OW2 have been really, really disappointing. Compare to the skins we got in OW1 which were often entirely new models, with voice lines and other tweaks, available through lootboxes you’d earn by playing (or buy). I don’t know who would spend $20 for one of these skins.

By contrast, I spent $15 on an Ash Williams skin, complete with chainsaw hand and Henrietta emote, in Fortnite this week because how could I not?

It was always literally the same game, the title change was a marketing move to promote the game more on the change to F2P.