Overwatch 2 - Rule 34 boogaloo

Up to 4 legendary skins for Tracer now 🤪

My favorite tank at this point is wrecking ball. Thinking I want to try and get better with D.Va. I like Orisa, but don’t feel like I impact games at all when I play her. And she’s considered top tier right now, so the depth to which I suck is significant.

Trying to improve my support play. I’ve mostly picked support in quick play, because free loot boxes. Been playing Baptiste and Lúcio.

If you want to get good at a new character, try going into arcade mode and play FFA deathmatch. No queue, and you get lootboxes for playing as well.

Yeah, lootboxes for ffa would require winning. Not happening

where are the transformers? what’s wrong with today’s youth?

My 6 year old nephew loves Transformers, so I tried looking for Transformer toys. There’s no Toys R Us anymore so I looked in Target and Walmart. The Transformers “shelf” was empty in both places, and finally I got someone to help me at Walmart and the single Transformer toy they had was squeezed in between Fortnite toys.

I wasn’t impressed with the quality of the actual transformer either. It was really tough to figure out how to transform the darn thing, even as an adult.

Anyone else still play other than @GatInDaHat ?

I’ve fallen in love with Brigitte. Working on trying to be better with Reinhardt. I play some Sigma and Moira. I’ve also been messing with Mei a little.

Jeff Kaplan, game director of Overwatch, game director of the cancelled Project Titan, and former game director of World of Warcraft has left Blizzard.

He was one of the last “Old Blizzard” developers left at the company that I was aware of. The only other two remaining I can still name are Samwise Didier and Allen Adham.

Ah, Tigole Bitties. We hardly knew ye.

I always liked Jeff, and thought his communication pretty honest, interesting and unique among directors (either inside or outside blizzard). While the gradual exodus from TCTWOB(The company that was once blizzard) indicates definite changes within the company over time, i think this might just be the death knell.

I also think OW2 has lost its way.

I got back into this heavily for about three months but after the last round of Activision fuckups I’m out completely.

I played Overwatch for six years straight, and by the end the player base was so toxic I just couldn’t take it any more. It was a fantastic “I have ten minutes before the next meeting, time for a QP match” game but people are just shit online these days.

Sorry, from now on you’re only allowed to think of this thoughtful and considerate face when you evaluate Blizzard games.

I can’t nut to Nutella.

Wow. A new trailer.

Overwatch 2 launching into a scene with nothing but Hero Shooters.

Pass on this from me was someone so was energized for about 6 months last year to unlock nearly everything through quick match casual play. Boycotting.

New heroes will unlock for free at level 55 (out of 80) of the battle passes. LOL

Premium players ($10 per pass) will get the new hero unlocked immediately.

While some items will be locked to certain seasons, rest assured that all players can earn all past heroes at any time. Heroes from past seasons can be earned through weekly challenges, or directly purchased in the shop with Overwatch Coins.

It’s launching as free to play though, right?