Overwatch 2 - Rule 34 boogaloo

I mean, if you’re only going to play 20 hours, then you really do NOT need to spend money on this game.

They intentionally don’t bother because early day load never happens any other time and it costs a lot of money to care. Same reason most big AAA online games explode early on.

Most other AAA games actually don’t catastrophically fail on day one, dude.

Super pissed, as I can’t seem to figure out how to get any of my unlocked stuff to carry over after spending almost 2 hours fucking with setting everything up. The thought of losing all my skins and starting over along with the queue is leading me to not want to play this game after all.

Yeah, not sure what the account merging thing is… Both of my playstation and Xbox accounts are linked to my battlenet account, but I’m not seeing anything from my prior overwatch stuff, and it’s got me in the new player experience where you need to do tutorials and unlock crap.

A lot of big online launches do. Also, DDOS attacks don’t help.

DDOS is their bullshit excuse whenever their infra can’t handle it. During one of their many “We’re being DDOS’d!” alarms they even later admitted it wasn’t DDOS, just user demand. There are tons of technologies and products that provide DDOS protections in this day and age.

Though I admit I don’t know if they work, I still think Blizz is full of shit.

Come on, dude… I generally play call of duty on day one and never have issues like this. And that game is way bigger than overwatch.

Honestly, I do not recall any game that wasn’t made by Blizzard having server issues this bad, and yet EVERY release by Blizzard has these problems.

I also fired it up and have none of my stuff unlocked so just going to play one of the many other games waiting for me.

For me, there is a huge difference between paid loot boxes and purely random loot boxes. OW1 was random loot boxes. They were a reward for simply playing and enjoying the game. Sure, it might take forever to get the skin you want but it was just cosmetic anyway. Paid lootboxes? Those suck.

But I’ll gladly take random loot boxes over a battlepass. A battlepass is nothing more than enforced dailies to me (even if there is a free track!). Play a certain amount or lose out. Especially with characters locked behind it. I’m much too spastic to stick to one game long enough to make a battlepass system work. And then when I drop back in months later, it is just demotivating because ‘only if I had kept up with my dailies I’d have X, Y and Z…’. Yeah, no.

It is a little less annoying when it is just cosmetics - I can survive without the skin-of-the-day, but random loot means there’s a chance even if I only play sporadically. It is extra incentive to come back and play. Heck, just getting free boxes from Twitch Prime or whatever was sometimes enough to reinstall for a bit.

Also @Timex
I think the account merge thing works for one secondary account tied to a primary. From their wording it seems like the intention is to tie one console account to a main online (pc) account. I merged my PS account, but have not been able to verify if FTP OW2 will have PC OW1 unlocked content. Part of that is I can’t seem to login at all right now. I may have more to report tomorrow.

I’m playing on xbox, and played OW1 on xbox, shouldn’t be anything funky to have to do here. fired up the same app, OW1 which is now OW2 and it appears like a fresh account.

This is my situation as well. Loaded up my existing XB OW which updated to OW2 automatically. Spent ~2 hours to be able to link my XB to one of my battlenet accounts. After I finally got into the game itself it’s like a fresh install - everything locked and limited to the tutorial. I never received any indication of (or an offer to) a merge of my OW stuff with OW2.

I actually downloaded it on my old PS4 and am seeing what happens when I log in there, which is where I played overwatch… But of course it’s just hanging, waiting to connect.

The servers still seem to be borked… Account merging doesn’t seem to have worked.

What’s insane is… How do they fuck up all the servers to a game which is literally just a patch to a game which they have been running for years already?

Been a long while since they last patched I think. They’re out of practice.

FWIW, I supposedly merged my PC and PlayStation account completely just a few days ago via battlenet website. However when I finally got into OW2 tonight it asked me if I wanted to merge the accounts like it did in steps already. I did it again and there is a message on my Home Screen in OW2 that says I am in the account merge queue.

I havent played this since release of the original (or more like beta)… and it has NOT aged well. Its surprising how it feels not as good as games like Paladins, Battleborn or even a game like Dirty Bomb.

I understand its popularity and it does have character charm, but ooof… the engine feel i do not like. obviously all imo.

Sitting in a queue starting at 40 and then counted down to 10 then 20,000. Umm

Where can you access this on their website? Maybe I can do that.