Overwatch 2 - Rule 34 boogaloo

I think it’s simply down to the fact that they know almost everyone will put up with it. You might get a tiny amount of people that really do ragequit in disgust over the server issues on launch, but most people will just grouse then continue anyway.

I think they’ll lose some non zero number of players if they can’t resolve the issue where OV1 players have lost all the loot they accumulated (and in some cases paid actual money for) over the years.

I think Overwatch 2 may be a special case. As you and others have pointed out, this is essentially a game update that changes the revenue model and adds a bunch of login restrictions. I think this is going to be like any big update to an online game that acts like a “fresh start relaunch.” You’ll get a massive bump of returning players and new players curious to see what’s up, then numbers will drop again.

Really seems like you’re stretching for doom scenarios in what seems, so far, to be a fairly standard high demand fucked up launch.

Not to be all HRose on this, but have been looking forward to trying this out with a group of friends tonight and two weeks ago we were like “Maybe we’ll play launch week or maybe it’ll be a mess and we’ll play the following week.” It’s not like this is a totally unexpected situation.

Did you play OV1? Do you have any of your stuff still? I don’t. Will they resolve it? I dunno, maybe? Since OV1 has been patched to OV2 now, I don’t even really have any way to prove what I had before.

If I lost my Devil Mercy Waifu skins I will never play this game again.

I wish there was a betting market where I could get odds on everything working as expected in a week.

FWIW, all my OW1 unlocks showed up fine on my XSX on launch night and they’re still there on my Switch as of this morning.

I remember getting prompted last week to make sure my console account was connected to my main Bnet account, and on the Switch, it specifically says “Account Merge: Complete” on my main menu (I think that’s a recent add, as there was no such indicator when I played on XSX on Tuesday night).

Ya, on my PS4, which is where I played before, it just doesn’t have any of my OW1 progress at all… it has an account merge button, but it doesn’t seem clickable.

On my new XSX, it has no reference to account merge… both consoles have already been linked to my BNet account for ages though.

Honestly, by the time they fix this I suspect i’ll just be playing something else, but who knows.

My OW1 stuff (what little there was) is intact on my PC OW2. I am still awaiting the account merge queue to see if it’s on Playstation PS5 now too. But I really had nearly nothing from OW1. Mostly I have the sacred @Wallapuctus Devil Mercy Waifu along with a Black Kitty DVA waifu. Thus my rage meter is lower and apparently I had/have a thing for Halloween waifu as that’s seemingly all I cared about in my mere 4 hours of Overwatch in 2016.

As to servers, on PC, if I change region to Asia I can play and everything is intact there too (including Battlepass). The queue is much lower and the servers are seemingly stable. Lag seems fine and many seem to be doing the same thing as player names and chat are all English. I’m not sure if this is an option for console OW2.

The game is down with at least one patch so far as it is down. Maybe this is a good sign?

Edit: It is back up. I got an initial queue of 900. Um, better?!?

Appears to still be borked.

Yeah. My queue was smaller, but took way longer to progress. Once in I saw that my Account Merge queue as a number… 430,000 in queue. Also my friends list was wiped, but that may be a bug and it will return at my next successful login.

Has Blizzard come out with their “We are under a massive DDoS attack!” excuse for this launch failure? It wouldn’t be a Blizzard launch if they didn’t trot that one out at some point, even though the “DDoS” is just their customers trying to use their services.

EDIT: Yep, I guess they had that one ready to go.

I do not understand how an “account merge queue” is even a thing. MMOs - including, you know, theirs - have to deal with all accounts needing updates/conversion all the time and it never involves the possibility of being in game with an incomplete account.

lol, yep, they totally did.

My buddy was ranting about this game last night when we were playing Fortnite (yes I know, our kids like it). Did they really make it 5v5? So it’s the same goddamn game, but worse?

Nothing wrong with enjoying it yourself, kids or no. :)

I will admit we laughed a lot at the chicken wing dance. Because our daughters sing it constantly. It’s gone from cute to annoying to hilarious.

There’s something special about watching a banana in a suit, a xenomorph, and silver samurai doing this dance over a dead squad.

Yes: 2 DPS, 2 Support and 1 Tank.