Overwatch - Blizzard's new IP


Season 6 brings a move to two month seasons, instead of three (because ‘engagement’ is better at the beginning of a season - ie ‘we sell more loot boxes at season start’), more comp points per win, removal of placement fuckery purposely rating players below their MMR, decay rate changes and control maps in comp moving to best of three.

PUBG probably hurting the revenue!


I hit Diamond last night!

Never thought it possible but as a Pharah main, the latest Mercy changes are the best thing that could have happened for me. I think I won something like 19 of the last 20 games I’ve played since that patch came along.


Mercy (well, Resurrect really) being grossly overpowered probably doesn’t hurt any :)

Their forums were so hilarious when that update was in the PTR.


I’ve been tempted to buy Overwatch for the PS4. How is the community for newbies these days? I’m pretty much expecting that the second I start playing, I expect a ton of ‘LTP jackass’ comments.


How is this game of friends vs bots? My buddies and I are old and slow and have no interest of playing other people. I have 175 hours in DOTA 2 and only played 2 matches vs other people, all the rest is with friends vs bots (standard level bots) and I’m hoping this game will be just as enjoyable.



You and @TundraToad can see for yourselves this coming weekend. I’m pretty sure it’s a free play weekend.


It is. I’m going to try it.


The bots are decent. They are laughably terrible on easy and medium, so I would move to hard if you want any kind of challenge. On hard, they have unreal aim (you will get angry), but are predictable, so if you play smart and have a good group you should still win.


I played it and liked it. I quick joined a few games and had a good time. Managed to luck into a “play of the game.”

It was on sale for $29 for Plus members so I grabbed it. I don’t think I joined the voice channel (unless it does by default) so that may have aided my pleasure.


My 7 year old boy plays Overwatch exclusively now, he is really good… the downside is, he has to play on my box… so I’m going to build him his own machine for xmas.


Anyone been playing around with the new hero, Moira?

I really want to like her but I’m having a devil of a time being productive with her. It seems like all the time when I need to heal someone I will be out of “biotic energy” and then can’t heal. This seems like a huge problem as the thing about being a healer is that damage bursts can be unpredictable and sometimes you can’t heal because you haven’t inflicted enough damage to refill your biotic meter.

I then tried approaching her like Solider 76 – primarily as a DPS and as an off-healer. But her DPS is kinda low so she doesn’t really fill that DPS role very well at all.

The biotic meter refills so slowly on its own that it creates real problems to heal reliably.

In addition, when I’m playing a different healer such as Mercy or Ana and someone else is playing Moira I’m constantly wondering if they even have enough energy to do their job.

Admittedly it’s still early since she has been introduced into the game but right now it seems like she is falling into that no-mans land of not being a very good healer and not being a very good DPS which is a pathway that leads into becoming unplayable as the other heros are much more efficient at their roles.


I think Moira is my first pick in most situations at this point. My top 2 were previously Mercy and D.Va, and Moira feels like a combination of the two in a lot of ways.

Moira is bad at: rapidly returning to a fight after dying, healing allies in hard-to-reach places, and burst healing a target, which requires a brain adjustment vs Mercy.

Moira’s heal has a heal-over-time effect after you turn it off, so you don’t actually want to heal people to full with the beam unless you’re dealing with sustained fire. Just sort of wash it over them to top them off. This naturally creates a heal->identify soft target and finish them off-> heal cycle.

Don’t follow enemies into bad situations - send your orb into that building. Don’t try to follow your allies into hard-to-reach situations. In fact, if your party has a sniper and a Pharah and no other healer, you might not want to choose Moira.

The dash is primarily helpful for two things - crossing sniper kill zones to reach your allies, and dodging ultimates. It will, however, not get you out of a Junkrat trap. That sucks.

Moira’s range on her dps beam is pretty far, and she doesn’t ever run out of ammunition. If someone isn’t hurt right now, or isn’t hurt enough that you need to heal right now, \you’re not full on energy, and there is an enemy visible, you should be firing.


Other interesting things to note:

Genji can’t parry Moira’s beams. If you see a low-health Genji attempt to deflect and disengage, he is a tasty snack.

Fading out of the way of a charging Reinholdt and shooting him in the back with an orb never gets old.


Yeah, it sounds like you understand how to play her at a level that I’m not quite at. What seems like a recurring theme for me is that I’m following Reinhardt or a tank and they start to take big damage – I’m healing them and then I run out of a meter to heal them, they die and then I die.

A bit of an oversimplification but this seems to happen quite a bit. I’ll run out of meter and my target is still taking damage and then I have to try to do DPS to refill my meter and hope they don’t die in the interim which doesn’t work.

I suppose part of the problem is that my target is akin to the guy that is standing in fire during a WoW raid. Might have something to do with the rank that I’m playing at. (No idea where I’m paying at, haven’t played competitive since season 1).


If you’re following a lone Reinhardt, and they’re getting focused fired, you aren’t going to be able to heal your way out of it. You’ll either need to alternate between healing and taking out the attackers (this is fine, and why you have the HoT on your heal), try to hold out for backup, or run away.


I tried Overwatch on the PS4 for the first time during their free weekend.

Beautiful, but horrible. Controls are terrible, and the player base is both younger and more terrible at the same time. I had more quick match vocal trash talking in an hour than i’ve ever heard on PC quick match in months (almost all the vocal rage on PC is confined to ladder). I feel like calling their parents.

Moira seems like a good choice for confined maps and a bad choice for open maps, basically.


So you guys are saying she is not, in fact, OPAF?


Nah, it seems like everyone has already adjusted to her. The big disruptor was the damage ball, and now that everyone dodges it somewhat she’s just an interesting healer. Granted I haven’t seen what pros have figured out.


New character, new Overwatch fan hentai!


Well, so far I’m a huge fan of the new Endorsement system that just got patched in. It lets players endorse teammates in three categories, Sportsmanship, Teamwork, and Leadership. Anything that attempts to address the toxicity is a good thing if you ask me. One thing I’ve already noticed is that it makes me less likely to get triggered by jerks who start blaming Pharah (I’m not a one-trick, I’m a Specialist, thankuverymuch) so I’m on better behavior in response to jerks. I’ve always wanted to do better with this so I’m glad the game has added some incentive around it.

Maybe someday I’ll move on to another multiplayer addiction but not yet!