Overwatch is open for business. Literally.

Title Overwatch is open for business. Literally.
Author Nick Diamon
Posted in News
When May 24, 2016

If you're like the majority of gamers today, you're either playing Overwatch, waiting to leave work or school to play Overwatch, or watching streams of Overwatch. Let's say you're in that tiny minority of gamers not doing any of those three things..

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I can't think of the last time I felt like such an outsider in regards to a major game release. I played the Overwatch beta like everyone else, but I got sick of TF2 back in college.

I have deliberately avoided learning or watching anything about Overwatch over the last few months (I barely know it's a Blizzard game of some sort), not because I'm hip or anything, but because staring into the sun can ruin one's vision.

No, I'm with the minority who doesn't care about the online FPS of the week. Not that I could afford the endless DLC, but they also all look the same to me.


It seemed like crap compared to TF2.

The game is fun but feels a bit light on content, and the reward schedule and consequent monetization scheme are abysmal. Even after dropping $40, I like the game enough that I'd consider buying a skin or two on top. It turns out, though, that Blizzard has gone with gachapon/blind packs as the only way of getting anything. Since the rewards I've gotten for leveling up have almost entirely been garbage (sprays and verbal quips, trivial amounts of in-game currency, etc.,) I can't imagine who'd be in a hurry to drop extra money on this stuff.

It doesn't hugely affect my enjoyment of the game, but I do find it baffling. Blizzard's own Heroes of the Storm is free to play, is fairly generous with in-game currency and what you can buy with it, yet also manages to avoid the abusive loot box mechanic. Weird.

Is this turn-based?

Yeah I already played it back when it was called TEAM FORTRESS 2! Jesus fuck, can't Blizzard ever come up with an idea of their own? I mean all they do is take someone's shit and improve it. Granted they are good at doing that, but damn! Isn't it time they came up with one fucking original idea all their own?

It has 100/10 stars. "It is an amazing experience."


My mother always told me my opinions were too wrong to be a games journalist. Now I find out Bruce Geryk agrees. :(

Originality isn't everything, and even then there's a lot of stuff in this game that's new and exciting. I played a lot of TF2, but Overwatch is something special. I'm utterly hooked because it's a perfectly polished game with a HUGE cast of super diverse characters, and it places such an importance on good teamwork in a way that games like TF2 didn't do.
Also there's the promise of future (free) content such as new maps, characters, etc. I happily paid full price for it because I spent more hours with the beta than I have with any other game in the past couple years.

Damn you, Molyneux.

Damn.. this is the most jaded comments thread I've seen in a while.