Owls rock

Apropos of nothing, here’s a really cool webpage of some guy who installed cameras in an owl nest. The pictures are hilarious.


He named them Ward and June! Love it!

Great stuff, Jason. That guy did a remarkable job. How’d you find that?

BTW, I almost skipped this thread thinking it was some stupid sports thing.


I was trying to find a copy of that “owls are assholes” onion headline.

I once faced down an owl that was standing (taloning?) on a fence about 20 feet from me, having an unjustified hissy fit because my wife and I were exploring an old farm near his tree. He eventually caved and flew off. I laughed at my macho ability to intimidate an 11-inch-tall bird.

Then I got home and read on the web how many owls will aggressively attack humans that they perceive as encroaching on their territory.

Oooops. Braver than I thought I was. Well, stupider, anyway.

That is amazing.

Truly one of the most fantastic sites I’ve ever visited, and exactly what I imagined the internet would be used for, “back in the day”.

Lucky for your ego you didn’t see the National Geographic owl special, which showed two arctic owls diving with incredible speed at heads, particularly faces, of three researchers trying to tag owlets. Apparently they’re quite adept at plucking out an eye or tearing up an ear in a single hit.

It’s confirmed: owls are assholes.

My owl story… such as it is.

A few months ago, having gotten up at some ungodly hour to play tennis in Central Park while I was in NYC, I was blearily wandering near the reservoir in the general direction of the courts when I saw two gigantic white snowy owls perched in a tree right above my head. It was a very surreal experience, especially considering there was no one else around.

I mean, you hear all about the various wild creatures coming back to urban environments, but it’s one thing to see a peregrine 200 meters away, or to hear a coyote off in the distance, and another to see these huge owls just a few feet away… Squirrels, your worst nightmare has come to New York City…

Where I live outside Boston, the most I generally see is an insolent rabbit or two on my doorstep, a hawk overhead, and lots of stupid angst-ridden deer flinging themselves at passing cars.

Some owls lived in my rec room ceiling for 20 years (before we bought the house) and filled it with tasty rodent skeletons:

…I got buckets of 'em. They do come in handy for craft projects, though.

Hahaha imagine the show and tell stories the kids will have :p

I once saw a big eagle owl in the forest, sitting on a tree maybe 20 meters ahead of me. Then it woke up and flew away. Might have been a real eagle, though. Or a condor. Too fat for a pteranodon, though.

I remember back a few years ago a big ol’ owl decided to park in the outfield at old Arlington Stadium during a game. Jose Canseco went to go shoo him off, and as the owl stood nonplussed, Canseco decided he had to go move him physically and tried to pick him up. Wasn’t necessarily the brightest thing he’s ever done (he did after all get a home run bounced off of his head and pitched an inning in a blow-out game that resulted in arm surgery and him out for the rest of the season). There’s a classic picture of his arms outstretched trying to account for a huge wingspan. They managed to finally get it out of there (I think it flew off) but man, that was funny. Canseco could have had some serious damage done to him.

— Alan