Owner of a Lonely Heart

Frequently, the world is plagued with remixes or renditions of classic songs that should be labeled under crimes against humanity.

But, sometimes, there are rocking recreations that upon discovering leave you immediately irritated that for whatever reason they are not available on ITMS.

And, sometimes, those remixes include a brilliantly edited music video that singlehandedly breaks the hip-hop monopoly on bikinis along with the amusing and simultaneously disturbing inclusion of British schoolboys.


For some reason that’s fantastic.

It becomes gold once the pizza guy arrives.

there was something oddly appealing about that.

Excellent - “How was your day?” - “Average”.


Think I’ll pull that off next time I’m having a bad day.

As a remix, it’s lame. The video’s great, though.

I hate the original song with a passion. They played that piece of crap every 5 frickin’ minutes back in the day…

Wow that was a great video.

/edit: And ofcourse Itunes doesn’t have it in their US store. There is like a dozen albums I want to get but I’m blocked from doing so.

Why does my XP desktop have to be a static image and not this video looping fullscreen in my background? Damn limited technology.

Huh? What are you talking about, Mr. Preston? I have the looping movie as my desktop wallpaper RIGHT NOW.


  1. rightclick to save as: http://www.internetdj.com//media/maxgraham/ownerofalonelyheartsource.wmv

  2. download bsplayer from http://www.bsplayer.com and press “d” to play movies as your wallpaper

As to how you go about making all your windows transparent so that you can still see the bikini women on your desktop, I’ll leave that as an reader exercise in google-fu.

What!? I take back everything I said about the goddess of technology. Now I’m off to download…

There was music during that?

Is it just me, or does one of the schoolkids look like a mini Tom Sizemore?