Oxfam Unwrapped

Got a catalogue of this in the mail today - man, what a great idea. Perfect for the first-worlder who has everything - buy a cow for a village in their name!

There’s my family gift-giving for this year…

Your family is going to frelling hate you.

“Hey, Bob, I was going to get you a computer game, but instead, I made a downpayment on a camel. Isn’t that so much better? Knew you’d understand. Thanks!”

We had secret santa last year at the office, and my friend decided to donate the £5 to charity, print out the webpage that said recieved £5 and hand that over instead. The look of disgust on the recievers face when the presents were handed out was a classic.

Not only that, but you don’t even get the camel. So it’s more like “I bought you a camel… and gave it to someone else in another country.” Which, in the annals of gift-giving, ranks somewhere between “I got you a card” and “Oh, shit, it’s your birthday?”

Wow, this reminds me why I don’t work in companies like that. “Hi, Ms. Herbig? Here’s your gift!”

You know, as in “HERBIG BROWN EYES?!”

Eyes? Well if you say so …

They don’t play games. They don’t read. They’ve already seen every movie in existence. It’s either this or socks.

They don’t play games. They don’t read. They’ve already seen every movie in existence. It’s either this or socks.[/quote]
A nice vase or stuff to hang on the walls? For dad, a jigsaw, and for the kids, a model kit of some kind that requires it – airplane, boat, chair, castle, fort…

…or I could get them something I think they’d be “hey, cool.” Geez, greedy bastards.

Seriously. If I ever played office Secret Santa, I’d much prefer someone send the $20 to some starving village, rather than get me some stupid plastic knick knack that’s totally useless. “Wow, thanks for the bottle of novelty pills, Jeff! Here, I got you a He-Man action figure. He has red hair - just like you!”

Frelling? Can someone get Amanpour in here?

I’m just saying that the rest of your family probably won’t appreciate an Oxfam gift the way you would. It takes a certain kind of person to grok the concept, and people who don’t read aren’t likely to fall in that category.

What might be a good idea is to point your family members to that website and say, “Instead of getting me socks, I’d love for something out of this catalog.”

They won’t have to worry about what to get you, and you’ll feel good that a village has a camel this year.

Camels are cool and all, but who the hell wouldn’t rather have a pony?

I know you’re joking, shift6, but camels are teh awesome for Third World countries. You can milk them, like cattle, but unlike cattle, they don’t graze grass down to the root and then mess up the topsoil with their hooves. Camels munch on leafy foliage from thorny bushes and they have soft padded feet. They’re like cows with environmentally friendly eating habits and slippers.

Also, camels are more fun to ride than ponies.


:shock: I guess it depends on the gender, but I’d be picky about what I put in my cereal.

I thought everyone liked ponies the best. :cry: :cry: :cry:

Camel’s are awesome to ride.

Sallah! I said no camels! That’s five camels, can’t you count?!

It’s a Farscape thing.