Oxygen Not Included: Klei space colony sim

Interesting video. It’s pure gameplay without commentary, but it’s played bit a bit, pausing in tooltips, in a way you can see what type of game it is. You manage O2/CO2 levels, energy and calories consumption, crew stress, water and temperature, organic refuse, gas seems to spread from tile to tile following pressure rules, it seems pretty interesting, combining what it seems a well done entry in the ‘management sim’ genre with cute graphics and UI and micro well controlled, with features and notions that cribs enough of what would make space colonization unique…

Side-view RimWorld with a dash of the Klei secret sauce? And tactical combat replaced by what looks to be a greater focus on toilet-related activities? Could be good!

Yes, this looks good. Day 1 monies are your Klei.

I just started playing Craft the World, and this looks like a space version of that type of game play.

If it’s from Klei, I’m in.

I keep hoping there will be a game like this that reels me in. I felt completely lost with Don’t Starve, but this has more the feel of a mining game.



So is the alpha a separate entry on Steam? When I click on the game via my wishlist it has no option to purchase. When I do a search it does not find the alpha version.

Yes, it’s like the “direct link” thing from Youtube - if you don’t have the link, you won’t find it. They did that to limit the number of early adopters to those who follow the game or Klei more closely.

So what’s the verdict so far?

I do not know what I am doing! Lot’s of digging and I like some of the cute animations; like how they snore when they sleep (reminds me of a kid pretending to be asleep).

My main problem is not knowing how to setup power for all the things you build at the very beginning. I was unable to build a research station until I finally realized I needed some metal and I could find it by hovering over everything with my mouse.

I am curious as to what happens if I dig up? Will I get to the surface? What if I dig too far down; will I hit lava?

It keeps telling me you need to get some long term food production! I could not figure out how to plant anything and finally looking over research you need farming tech (makes you wonder how they have the fancy scifi mining gear but nothing to plant).

I also noticed one of my Duplicants (what the peeps are called) turning greenish which I figure means she is sick. I built a med table but she does not go to it so I am scratching my head on that one. It looks like it has power somehow.

You do have to set up some potty stations as they have to run to the bathroom. And boy sometimes they have to climb three to four ladders to get to the outhouse.

The Duplicants have stats similar to Rimworld and you start with three. I was also able to get another Duplicant by clicking on an icon near the main base and a new person appeared. Not sure what I had to collect in order to produce the newbie. Of course she was the one that got sick. Now that I think of it I was trying to dig upwards when she got sick. Maybe there is something bad like radiation as you dig up.

Only fiddled around for about an hour.

I am liking it at this point. YMMV

Well, I’m almost one hour overdue bed time because of Oxygen Not Included. To define it very roughly, it’s basically a 2D, “side-scroller-y”, cute take on the Rimworld kind of gameplay. But it does have plenty of unique things, the main one being oxygen management.

Anyway, I can’t wait to play more. I loved what I’ve played so far, though it’s early to know how good it really is. But this being Klei, I’m fairly sure that it will be honed to (near) perfection sooner than later.

I played for an hour before going to bed and i have been scratching my head because of the oxygen. Apparently oxygen goes up, CO2 goes down so you have to make your oxygen gens on the bottom of your base so the air reaches the high parts or research the gas pumping system.

Actually, that’s pretty much how it should be. I’m sure it creates an interesting conundrum when you have to dig down with a bigger base.

One good thing to do is to use algae stations on the lower (lowest?) levels, since they consume CO2 and release O2. I did something like that in my current base and it’s working pretty well, though I’m worried about running out of algae (and then I’m doomed).

I’m still futzing around and learning but I made a “Getting Started” video for new players, just to cover the first 30-45 minutes or so:

Interesting, thanks for the video (although you lost me with on the third ad). Really don’t like the graphic style, but it looks kind of fun. It made me want to go play Rimworld though, which seems deeper and gives you a lot more room to grow.

So I’m probably not even halfway through the tech tree yet so maybe there are things that will answer my question later on, but is there no way to make the oxygen generation sustainable? It seems like sooner or later you’re gonna run out of algae, water, or both and then you’re doomed :(

Not yet (apart from a “exploit” of sorts involving keeping your duplicates sick, so they vomit, and you process that to get clean water and oxygen). But it’s in their roadmap to provide ways to make a base fully sustainable, with some caveats, of course.

I haven’t reached this point yet but I’ve heard you can capture Pufts and harvest their poops to make algae (not sure what the process is). So I guess as long as the Pufts don’t die off you can essentially have an endless supply of algae.

I dunno it just sucks that I can’t relax and have fun because there’s this constant doomsday clock ticking away until all my dudes die blue and gasping for air in the bottom of some random space cave :(

It does get very tense when you run out of algae and you have to start figuring new ways to get fresh air, altho the gas and liquid management does get tricky.