Oxygen Not Included: Klei space colony sim


Perfect thanks! Buying :)


Say goodbye to your weekend.


My first suggestion is 2 toilets, asap.


I haven’t played since the current update, but here’s the game I left off on some weeks ago after the cosmic update.

Cycle 98. Five guys. I’ve got a pretty good food stockpile. Reliable oxygen generation. No heating problems as I collected lots of wheezleworts from nearby ice biomes. I’ve got a natural gas geyser nearby that I’ve started planning to exploit with a natural gas generator, but with coal and hydrogen my current power needs are met so I haven’t finished that project yet.


I’m just now really diving in and found this series essential viewing.


I just flipped through a little of that and right off the bat it captures the essence of the game.

“I’ll build this over here, wait, actually, let me build it over there”.


Watched a Twitch of this yesterday and it has really advanced quite a ways this year.


If anyone wants a tutorial on how not to play, they should watch this

Link : www.twitch.tv/thechickenofdestiny/video/296656121

Unfortunately it is three hours long and the guys symbol covers the cycle on the playback, starts at cycle 5, by cycle 7 he has jammed his only washbasin, but by cycle 10-13 you can tell he has royally screwed himself and has no idea of the mechanics of the game. Ultimately around cycle 23 he just lets it run as the last of the dups die off.

The durability of the dups in this surprised me though. I mean I definitely play in germ-a-phobe mode, But they survive for quite a while in their own waste without food, though it is not pretty.


Cool, thanks!

Uh… so we shouldn’t watch it to learn how to play? Or to learn what NOT to do?


It is a complete failure. Shows bad cleanliness, lack of attention to food, and poor air management. All of the early needs.


How do you get rid of the soiled dirt from the toilets?


Compost heap.


The learning curve can be a little steep with this game, and I’ve played way too much of it, so if you want any other tips or advice don’t hesitate to ask. It’s easy to get frustrated early on.

Some initial tips; At first use algae for O2 since it should be plentiful enough in the initial biome. Keep an eye on your algae supply. When its down to a couple of tons and there’s no more to easily mine nearby start thinking about building a water based oxygen supply. The screenshot I posted above shows a good example.

Once you start exploring outside the initial biome avoid slime zones and try to find a cold biome. There you will find wheezelwort plants which are critical for early game temperature control. Build planters and put worts in them near any heat generating things like generators, grills, etc.

Plant mealwood in farm tiles for early food. When your guys start taking a morale hit for the grisly food rather than trying for more resource consuming crops like bristleberries, improve the decor in common areas to compensate for the bad food. Starting on crops that consume water too early is a great way to run out of water.

If you want to see how much water you have, click on your hand pump and it will show you how much water is in the basin it is in.


Revisited this a bit yesterday after Tom’s Everspace stream, I have to say OxyNotInc is really coming along , I mean sure almost everyone died of starvation / poor air quality. Graves were being done, but it was too late!
The core mechanics and how you building a base are really great. This is gonna be a fantastic game when finished.

The germs/disinfection stuff is so cool! Everyone had diarrhea for most of my playthrough!

If anyone is playing, and see’s my screenshot here, any suggestion for base improvement?


Check out room bonuses, with just some walls and doors you’ll get bonuses around the beds and toilet/wash stations for having them in their own rooms. But that means no “equipment” in with them. So no storage, batteries or algae planters in the special purpose rooms. Get the massage table in a room by itself too with one decor item, I usually do a 5 floor tile room, 2 tables and room for a statue between and a painting over each for that, so eventually lots of decor.

I’d also get the mealwood away from the oxygen gen machine and science machine. They put out a lot of heat and mealwood is heat sensitive. So within a few cycles it will wither there.Get the research stations somewhere you don’t mind the heat on the periphery. Then start planning where you want your power/utilities plant area which also generates heat and locate the oxygen generating stuff there, but not until you have the ventilation researched and the materials mined to set up the duct work.

I think, it has been a while, that with the way gas rises, you want compost near the top of the base.


This game can turn you into a germaphobe.


Dude, put a deoderizer by your polluted water dump.

EDIT: And Washbasins between outhouses and your access area.

Like I said, think germaphobe.


You don’t really need all those lights. Currently I only build lights where I am farming things that need light.

As someone mentioned above you should make rooms. I think f11 is the room overlay which will show you all the requirements. For example if you put walls and doors around where you have the dining tables set up you’ll get a morale bonus. If you also build a water cooler in the dining room that is a recreation building and will turn your mess hall into a great hall for an even bigger morale boost.

From the bubbles coming out of some of those storage containers it looks like you have polluted dirt or something else that creates polluted oxygen in there. Build storage containers in that room above your polluted water cistern and consolidate the polluted dirt into those. Build at least one deodorizer by the door to that room. Since you have a lot of polluted oxygen build up already multiple would be a good idea until you get a handle on the situation.

Also build a designated bathroom and make sure that you have one sink for every lavatory. Set the sinks so they only use them when they exit the room. Your guys won’t queue to use the sink. If someone else is using the sink when they come out of the bathroom they will go right past it.


Also I see you don’t have any art. If your morale situation is fine you might not need it yet but consider throwing up some granite picture canvases in areas your guys are in the most.

Edit: I was just able to look at the screenshot on a computer rather than the phone and make out the stress and health numbers. It’s definitely time to start throwing up some art to improve the decor (after you build rooms for room bonuses since that’s far more effective).

Also with the latest patch be very careful about having your guys achieve mastery at high level jobs too early. Once a job is mastered, not only does the duplicant retain the job skills even if they are switch to a different job, they also retain the morale requirement. While in prior patches it wasn’t a bad plan to race through job mastery as quickly as possible, with the morale patch it can be a path to high stress doom.

When I started up my prior game I was in a bad situation since two of my five guys had a 20 morale requirement. Thankfully they built in a mechanism that gives you five cycles before morale takes effect so I was able to pretty up the base and build a rec room.


I wanted to share my progress since the last screenshot I posted. It’s about 100 cycles later and I’ve finally exploited the geysers and thermo nullifier that I discovered not far from the initial biome. I’ve moved by oxygen generation into the area around the nullifier, and most of my power infrastructure is now outside the main base as well. I’ve got a good supply of water from the steam geyser, though cooling it down is still a challenge. I’ve got a good herd of glossy dreckos providing me with plastic, which has allowed me to upgrade the central ladder so my dupes move quicker around the base. It’s also allowed me to build high pressure vents which I’ve been using to fill areas with high pressure hydrogen to enhance heat transfer and get the most of the wheezworts. I’ve also moved from feeding my guys meal lice to a diet of omelettes and berry sludge since their morale requirements now demand it.