Oxygen Not Included: Klei space colony sim

Yeah, I got the ones where you use refined copper instead of copper ore and it goes to 2000 W, and another one for the big bundle o’ wires (or whatever it’s called) for really high power. I’m in the process of upgrading the wiring but it’s still fundamentally the same problem, AFAICT.

It is a fair point, as somebody who got a degree in electrical engineering, decades ago, the way they handled power bothered me for a long time. I eventually found the approach interesting and lead to some interesting choices about how you design your power system. But it probably took me 100+ hour before I really understood how transformers and such worked. Basically, do you centralize power,or do you decentralize production. I was never organized enough to make one central system.

That said I agree with you a more traditional way of modeling power distribution, would have been just as interesting from a game perspective and more intuitive.

Another thing that took me a while to really grok, is that you are going to be tearing down and redoing lots of stuff, wiring is just one element. Since there is no penalty, other labor, for doing that it eventually becomes second nature.

I’ve been playing this again with my kids and I’m at the point where it is not obvious what to do next. Essentially, I’m farming some, have a pump with running water, shower, etc, a septic area, basic electrical grid. Seems like we need to explore to find more metal soon. What should we focus on next with gas/liquid/power?

Generally I’ve found getting a critter ranch going with hatches to be essential. You want to breed 'em into the different variants (so aim for 4 ranches, one for each variant). Stone hatches are great for long-term coal production. Smooth hatches are great in the medium term for refining metals. Once they’re up and running they become a great source of food, combine with a drowning chamber to easily cull 'em for meat.

It’s been awhile since I played, but I remember the typical priorities are:

  1. Food and basic amenities
  2. Power
  3. A scalable oxygen supply
  4. Efficient cooling and water supply
  5. Branching out to all sections of the map, usually down and then up
  6. Space tech

Each of these presents their own short and long term sustainability issues - e.g. coal eventually runs out, oxygen at scale generates too much heat, etc.

All roads lead to temperature management. At least they did in base game. Once you have that it is sustainable systems.

You really are at the point where it doesn’t matter which direction you expand next, you end up here. Swamp start in the DLC or the cold asteroid in the base are starts where you think you aren’t, but really the starting ambient temperature just delays that reckoning.

So, you are at the stage where you experiment!

On posts about the systems, as someone who has worked in factory automation, did a thesis in it, and had majors or minors in ECE, EE, CS and ChEngr, and I taught intro to circuits for all majors at a 4 yr college … I so feel you on the modelling.

It doesn’t bother me at all. My English classes had the best phrase for how to approach ONI’s not quite real systems “Willing Suspension of Disbelief”. Its not real, and I’m ok with it. However, ONI does beg the question" Is there a systems modelling “uncanny valley” just like there is in animation?

Why I play ONI less (but I am fiddling in the DLC beta) is due to changes in the game right at release. Somewhere upthread I suspect I mentioned it. But back to @Clay 's question. The game used to me more “sandbox” in the stages before they added cheevos and space. They were added at the end, in a rush, and that decision leads to your question. ONI went from a pure sandbox in early/mid beta to a game with engaging systems that doesn’t really know what it’s endgame is. The player can still chose though. There is no right answer.

I’d say the couple of thing to add to this list first is a metal refinery. It takes a significant amount of power and also is a good one of learning to deal with heat. After that you’ll want to get a plastic manufacturing set up. Now in both cases you can use ranching to provide refined metal or plastic, but I think long term you want to use buildings instead of critters.

I’m definitely still exploring the mid game, then, because I have no idea how to make plastic or refine metal! 👀 I’m just trying to figure out what I should be doing with ventilation to take care of oxygen circulation problems… like what do you do when pressure is too high so that your diffusers won’t operate.

Air pumps and digging… You pretty much always should have 1 or more guys digging (aka exploring) for a couple of reason. First it is pretty helpful to see what goodies (like geysers) are in other biomes. Plus digging out areas decreases the air pressure making it possible for your diffusers to create oxygen. A single air pump right above an oxygen diffuser will put out about 3x oxygen then diffuser without a pup…

You’ll soon discover that the tech to regulate the air pumps (like a pressure sensors, detection of oxygen or CO2 in lines) requires refine metals, which will lead you back to my comment about refining metal. You’ll also discover that you need plastic to make high pressure vents which let you pump more oxygen or other gas into an area

BTW, it was one of my biggest source of frustration is that game is so sandbox, that I never was really sure what to do for at least my first 1/2 dozen serious attempt to play the game. I often was so far down a bad path, (like running out of algae) before switching to alternative oxygen sources, that ended up starting over.

That said, I started building but never finished a rocket in the game, so I’m far from an expert… To me is a building a rockets is worthwhile goal, but there are other potential goals.

This guide is outdate but not a bad outline of what to do.

Thanks for the tips!

I think the next DLC helps with this a lot, with a better system for monitoring various resource shortages and upcoming problems via a new UI dashboard. I think that will be part of the base game, once the DLC is released.

What more can you say about the DLC, any idea when it will be released?

It’s available in early access as of December, I think they describe it as a 1 year EA period. Edit: ~3-6 months of EA planned.

And just to comment on it - I tried the DLC in December and was very encouraged by what is there already, but there are enough features still yet to be added, and some already in that are being tweaked a lot, that I prefer to let it full bake before investing another 500 hours in the game. Will be playing some other titles that are fully done until then.

The Expansion EA is still in really early stages. According to developer posts the majority of work they are doing is still focused on the technical foundations to accommodate all the gameplay and quality of life additions.
Only the very start of the rocketry is available and radiation (which apparently is planned to have quite a few uses) is not yet in a usable state.

Besides new plants and critters the most important addition is the complete overhaul of rockets, space travel and multiple distinct colonies on different asteroids.
You actually build rocket interiors with base buildings, including energy and oxygen production. The first rockets also come much earlier in the tech tree and colony progression.

Currently there are two starting asteroids available. (New) Swamp and a start similar to old vanilla.
In the swamp one-of food is more abundant making the start easier. Farming is slightly harder, mostly because your starting crop has a very short shelf life so you can’t easily overproduce and stockpile. I would recommend not going over 4 dupes until you are sure your production can keep up.
Also, electric slugs.


I do really like the new swamp start. Even in these early versions the separated resources on smaller asteroids are very noticeable and I do enjoy the game being limited in that way. You no longer are only two minutes if digging away from almost all resources. All asteroids have their own limited but flavourful niches for energy, oxygen, food and critters as well as one or two of the resources for higher tier production.

The one thing somewhat distracting is that the “pacing” and balancing for the new systems is pretty rough still. The first rockets work but they don’t really have a good purpose. It’s much easier to research the complete tree than it is to establish a second colony and transport network via the early rockets right now.

Is it really a DLC, or a ‘new’ game? I though I had read that it so fundamentally changed things that it essentially was its own thing.

Er… I guess what I’m asking is, EA status aside, is this something you’d use ‘from the start’ or is it only something you add after you’ve exhausted the base/vanilla game?

My impression is that it very much is within the DLC realm. There are new buildings and gadgets, the asteroid mechanic is different (and better), but the core gameplay deals with the same engineering problems, within the same engine, with the same UI for the most part.

It feels like a DLC yes.

But it is also one I would use ‘from the start’ as it significantly changes the start. Worldgen is completely different (not just additions). And the tech tree also is reworked.

So it is a DLC that changes aspects at all game stages, not a DLC that is a content expansion that expands the end game further with only additional end game content.

Thanks both for the clarification. I bet I read something about it not just being end-game expansion, and confused that with somehow making it a ‘new’ game rather than various improvements over vanilla.

Klei tends to provide pretty significant expansions and ongoing support after the official release, so I can see how some may think they qualify as more than just a DLC. That’s just how Klei does it - great developer.