Oxygen Not Included: Klei space colony sim

It turns out the plug slugs provide electricity but you have to connect a wire to their sleeping places. I think it is ok for a small colony. I’ll eventually I’ll set up a SPOM, but it overkill for two or three guys.

I have, sludge processing is the algae equivalent for that starter biome. You do run out, and it is more labor intensive. But it is cute just watching dupes jump up and down in a wine err mud vat.

I have a bad (good?) habit of restarting a colony each time I get to around turn 100 - I figure out I did something wrong, a new and much better design for some big system (or a few), etc, and just want to scrap the whole thing and and incorporate it from early on. That’s a big part of the time suck of this game - need to exercise more discipline in resisting that urge and instead rebuilding what I have…

Been there and still kind of there :(

I make a separate save every 10 days. This allows me jump back a little or a lot without having to start from scratch. I have a friend who doesn’t care and goes full steam ahead. His base is a mess but he’s having fun and usually gets farther ahead.

While I can understand some inclination for restarts I’m still surprised each time people bring it up so extensively for ONI. It was discussed at least twice in this thread before as well.

I really love ONI. For me it is by far the best colony builder. I greatly enjoy the focus on mechanics and physical interactions. Generally the game systems are robust and slower than in comparable games and you can almost always correct course and rebuild anything in a colony. In a longer game that is actually normal. You will build and then replace food, sleeping, electric, ladder and water systems several times as your colony grows and advances on the tech tree.

If you constantly restart, do you ever get to space travel? They made it notably easier in the DLC and also made it a much more integral part of progression.

Related to this, I tried Against the Storm.
Personally I didn’t like it too much even though the basic game is actually very good. The production chains are neat and there is a good set of “paths”. Individual products have different efficiencies depending on involved buildings, starting resources and random bonuses you get.

I also like the idea of an overarching world. You found many smaller colonies with goals (from a set of choices) in shorter sessions. The result in Storm is however is that you play a similar start (and game overall) again and again. Even in a good colony builder and even with the game’s intentional variance I found that getting old after a few outposts.

For you guys it might be a good fit (alongside the still far superior ONI :P) if you not only don’t mind but actually are driven to restarts.

True confession, I never launched a rocket in ONI.

However, I’m determined to do so in this game. It is much simpler with the DLC.

Plus there is no reason for me to restart this game. I’ve got my Nat Gas Geyser hooked uped. I have a cool sludge geyser (yea) to keep things cool. My second asteroid is started and I’ve got food growing, I just need a second cook for the place.

Plus as an added bonus, I just got some larva eggs so I can start up limited plastics and oil production.
Before I open oil biome on the second asteroid.

While my base is no thing of beauty, it is not a hot mess like most of my previous ones were.