Ozzfest goofiness in LA

Osbourne crew and flunky bands attack Iron Maiden on-stage. Links to CNN and a hilarious first-person story:



There’s a torrent of the performance someplace. I’ve got it queued, but the tracker always seems to be down.

I’m an angry Iron Maiden fan, so forgive me if I get a little worked up over this, but basically this could really fuck over Ozzfest (well, Sharon Osbourne in particular). She was never liked to start with, and this pretty much confirms what everyone has thought about her (from the fans point of view).

Somebody please explain: “why”?

Yeah, Sharon seems to be a bitch. She’s purposely kept Anthrax off the tour for the last however many years just because she can. It’s ridiculous. Many of those second stage bands through the years are just so awful and yet they’ve had no room for strong artists that were willing to play the show for next to nothing only for the exposure. It sucks.


Apparently it was in retaliation to Bruce commenting on Ozzy needing a teleprompter to remeber his lyrics in a magazine article. Which, since Ozzy’s pretty much brain dead, isn’t that much of a surprise.

Yeah, I saw that too. It’s no secret. Hell, Rob Halford used it last year when he filled in for Ozzy in Philly. So if Sharon is being bitchy about that being said out loud, it’s just her own stupidity. Everyone already knew. Ozzy’s getting old and he burned himself out. I’m sure she loves him, but you can’t expect him to be above criticism.


Sharon Osbourne seems to hate any band she associates with. I remember her fighting with Insane Clown Posse on Howard Stern several years ago. Then there was the whole mess with Billy Corgan.

I think all these bands are ridiculous, but this makes me kind of like Iron Maiden now. I especially like how they played a full set, even though they were scheduled for a shorter one.

That roadrunner link tries to install some kind of shitty app…

edit: Sharon Ozbourne and her hideous beast of a daughter can go back to what they do best, being sell-out corporate whores. Fuck her and her fucking Adsa adverts.

I read that she was also upset at Bruce for bringing out the union jack when they played The Trooper. Somehow she felt it was offensive because American boys were dying in Iraq!?!?!

Rock on Steve

(I’m sorry, I’m weak, I couldn’t resist)


The greatest heavy metal bass player of all time! Rock on indeed.

MP3 linkage


Sounds like the best show ever.

I’m a huge Maiden fan, too, and would have been seriously pissed over these idiots trying to wreck the show. I’m amazed something more serious didn’t happen, that a bunch of people didn’t try to rush the stage to get at that idiot messing with the PA.

Sharon does seem like an absolute bitch. That stunt she pulled with the re-release/re-recording of Blizzard and Diary pretty much says it all for what a nasty piece of work she is. Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, I guess. I love Sabbath, especially the original lineup, but all this embarrassing stuff with Ozzy and family (a pile of Sabbath Ozzfest dates were cancelled this summer, too, because of Ozzy illnesses) makes me wish that Iommi, Butler, and Ward would fire him again and find another lead singer.

Didn’t on my machine. Roadrunner is a record label, btw.

Yes, you know… because… the British are with Osama… uhm, Chir- Saddam I mean… sorry Zarkarwi. Yeah. That’s the reason. It’s like spitting on American troops, because the British are not helping the US-boys, this is like waving the Iraqi flag - oh no, they are with us now, yes? - Al-Quaida-flag (they have one for sure! Somewhere at least…). And Sharon, as true American Patriot recognises this.