P & R, emphasis on the &

The guy in the bottom left is holding a book from the 80s that has been featured on Glenn Beck’s show, according to Amazon. Can’t make out the title of the book the guy on the bottom right is holding.

Wait, it’s The Origin of Species.

What, no Chinese immigrant rail workers?

Well obviously, if anglo white Jesus shows up at the Capitol building with all those historical figures, we’ll have to believe, right?

Except the media, judges, and pregnant women, I guess.


Thomas Jefferson and Ben Franklin should look more surprised.


…Is that SALLY RIDE back there?

Since everyone up on the top level with Jesus is dead I wonder how the kid bought it.

I think it’s Christa McAuliffe.


it’s probably the woman who died on the challenger.

I love how when Jesus comes back he’s a make a point to venerate the US constitution. Shit, forget eternal salvation, peace on earth, etc. USA USA USA!

Apparently. I like how all the black historical figures are in the back row on the left and only the black soldier on the right get’s a prominent positions. And how MLK isn’t present but they co-opted JFK.

We can psychoanalyze this all day! :-)

I searched for “we the people” in the bible but I couldn’t find it.

Perhaps the painter just figures Jesus left that out of by accident.

I read this Salon article about Glenn Beck and Skousen, the author of the Five Thousand Year Leap, not long ago.

So I was amused to see FTYL in the painting.

It appears that Becks fixation with the Rockefellers is inherited from Skousen.


This is the artist’s website, where you can mouseover parts of the picture and learn interesting things, like the baby with the blond hair is handicapped, and that guy on the right is not the dude from SVU playing Joe Biden, but instead is just a generic politician.

I see no ring on the hand of the pregnant woman. WHORE!

EDIT: Guess I called that one wrong.

I’m pretty sure she’s over there with team evil because she’s unwed. Not evil enough to get an abortion, but still evil. I mean, the paint’s dry, what are you gonna do? She can only be redeemed by mouseover.

You can mouse over the court cases on the steps. Apparently Jesus doesn’t like the Feds regulating interstate commerce.


This is truly the greatest painting ever created. So subtle, so significant.

The blonde reporter on the right (below the female-to-male trans-gender) with the Mic is the one with all the abortions.