P&R Google Ads: We Have Issue

Oh my. So I just saw this on the P&R thread List.

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Christian Therapist Professional counselor with biblical grounding. 1/2 hr free. www.blueharborcounseling.com

Somewhere, a Google ad analyst is shaking his head at our perversions.

I’m just glad Trump isn’t sneering at me anymore.

Biblical grounding, while not always necessary when welding, may prevent surprise shocks.

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Seems appropriate, given my past few weekends…

Apparently I can cut down my fat by avoiding 5 certain foods. Infinite amounts of everything else must be a-ok, then.

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They don’t know me at all.

I don’t have these problems at all.
Chrome + GMail + Appointment emails from my dealership/onstar emails = Cadillac CTS Coupe ads all the time.
I’m assuming that’s the only way “they” know about what to advertise to me unless Qt3 is full of car threads.

Given the number of times I saw “Repeal Obama?” or “Are gas prices Obama’s fault?” I can only assume Google Ads thinks I’m a moron.

BMW 528i series. Oooohhh. Shiny.

I haven’t seen the Self Defense Firearm Training ad in a while. Need more gun threads.

I get credit card ads a lot, and occasionally some anti-Obama crap.

It’s not so much that it’s anti-Obama, it’s that it’s stupidly anti-Obama.

Strange, I only get Ads By Google when actually going to a section of the forum (which I never really do).

The Show New Posts button gives me Flash ads all the time.

Just saw an add for Second Life: “Be a Vampire”. Aside from the nice unironic use of twee gothic imagery to prop up a dying game, does this mean Wagner James Au is the undead?

I’ve been getting ads for Allen Edmonds shoes. I never get the cool ads.