PA "Christmas" series

He does have a point. He also has a pretty shitty comic. It’s amazing how many webcomic artists out there have no grasp of visual storytelling. I can’t tell what the hell’s going on in that strip, or where anyone is supposed to be in reference to each other.

Gabe and Tycho don’t hit the mark every time, but at least they’re technically proficient in what they do.

If they could up the mark hitting a little more I’d be happy.

I’d be curious to find out what percent of people coming over from the NYT article bothered to look more than once.

I think they do okay. PA is funny more often than most syndicated strips, IMO. Granted, there’s nothing out there in print or on the web that touches Calvin & Hobbes or Gary Larson in his prime, but these days beggars can’t be choosers.

The most consistent webcomic I’ve seen thus far remains Sinfest.

Personally I’m a fan of uac as they remain detachted and flame baitish…

I love Sinfest, but that is a strip, much more than PA, that recycles old jokes over and over again. He has about half a dozen gags at most. But the art is fantastic (think Bill Waterson meets Berke Breathed) and the writing so charming that I forgive it and read it every day. It’s also amazing that he puts out a new strip seven (!) times a week.

I’m going to respectfully disagree with you there.

They can be technically proficient, but not consistantly. There’s strips that make no sense unless you happen to read their news blog for the day, or have a final panel that’s a nonsensical filler panel unrelated to the rest of the strip, or artwork quality that varies week to week, that I would rule out the consistant part.

Am I insane for thinking that PVP is the first truly high quality web comic? He can be a little maudlin or off beat on occasion, but Kurtz has the four panel timing down cold.

Derek, I don’t disagree with your points, but I think your idea of “proficient” is higher up the scale than mine. I can’t recall a PA other than a few very early on in which I couldn’t figure out what happened between panels or what something was supposed to be in the strip. They can tell a three-panel story without making me wonder why either of them ever thought they were good enough to warrant posting their work. The same cannot be said of 90% or more of the webcomics out there, IMO.

As for PvP, it’s certainly professionally done, and it is the closest thing in webcomics to what one would see in a syndicated newspaper strip, but it honestly isn’t particularly funny except once or twice a year. It’s pleasantly lighthearted, but I can’t think of any that actually made me laugh.

Edit: Okay, found one, but this might just be funny because I live in LA.

Hmm. Compared to the quality of 99% of what’s syndicated out there, that’s a pretty good track record.

Kurtz gets heat from other webcomics (PA in particular) because he’s said multiple times that he wouldn’t mind being put into newspapers. Its thought that he’s shaped his webcomic around the possibility of just that. To webcomics that are on a holy mission of the internet us versus the newspaper them he’s a traitor, or at best a fence-straddling wishy-wash.

This is codified by PA into “he’s not edgy enough”. Read: he’s not internet enough. Or “he’s too newspaper”.

Once the webcomics lose their envy of syndication dollars and established readership this sort of thing will fade. Until then, Kurtz stands lonely on his own kind of edge.

When Kurtz first stormed on the scene, he really had this opinion that he truely was better than everyone else. Which did serve him well and help expand his readership. However the other side of that he likes attack those who he thinks very little of. Originally is was other web comics, now its syndicated. He also tried to this at Image with other comic artist but they reigned him in a bit.

You know, I think I prefer Kurtz’s self-important smug attitude while producing relatively on-time, capable, mostly funny strips for PVP than Piro’s “omg I suck, pity me, oh I don’t have a comic today here’s an unfunny shirt guy dom strip” deal with Megatokyo. It’s even worse when, personally, I see the potential there in MT, but get annoyed at the glacial plot movement and frequent down time.

At least we computer geeks have better comics to follow now than the dark days when Illiad’s User Friendly was one of the few games in town.

I like PVP, too. I don’t read Kurtz’s other ramblings or opinions - I really didn’t care what Charles Shultz thought about stuff, so Kurtz is no different.

It is a really professional job with easily identifiable characters, a few recurring themes and your standard workplace humor. It’s not funny all the time, but it’s pretty reliable. It’s not edgy, no, and it’s not as tech/game/geek centered as it used to be. Maybe this is because he wants to make the newspaper jump, but somehow I think it’s because geek humor is more limiting.

Oh, I’ve also found myself reading a lot of The Order of the Stick, too. It’s a D&D webcomic, and very geeky.


Agreed on all counts.
I realize it’s basically a one-man-show when it comes to writing and producing his strips, but at the pace that Piro gets these out, especially considering how many conventions he goes to every season or how many times he gets writer’s block or what-have-you, or the fact that he also has at least one side project cooking (Warmth), it really hints that his main story arc will finish up sometime around the year 2090. I think Robert Jordan will wrap up the Wheel of Time before MT’s storyline goes anywhere.

I gave up on MT a long time ago, but I know that if I want I can always check on the site every 2-3 months and read the 6 strips that aren’t random art or stick figure crap to catch up. I really thought the strip was at it’s best when the real person behind the Largo character was still involved with it.

I started reading Order of the Stick in the last couple months and find it consistantly amusing. I’d reccomend it.

Now that I think about it, I have no opinion about the Megatokyo storyline itself. It’s so astoundingly slow that I’ve mostly forgotten what’s going on except for the broadest concepts. Frequently he’ll bring in a character that I’m supposed to recognize, except the last appearance was something like a year ago. What’s the current rate of progress, something like one year per day of storyline? It’s not a trainwreck, it’s a glacierwreck.

i love megatokyo so much that, years ago, i bought the domain (the comic is at so that idiots who actually liked that comic enough to try and visit their website, but couldn’t figure out where it actually was, would get sent to a better place.

I fucking hate people like you. Bastards that take the sleazy route of using mistyped URLs to get people to go where they want them, be it commercial or just personal, like all the ass hat misspelled google-like domains or the guy behind