Pac-Man CE?

Finally broke 200K last night myself, which is good, because I was getting seriously obsessed with hitting that goal.

I have no complaints about the thumbpad controls, although I’ve taken a few wrong turns during marathon sessions because my thumb gets tired and slips.

They’ve definitely captured the pac-man feel, though, but have sped it up for modern audiences.

They’ve also handled something that I hate about geometry wars - the first 60 seconds of geometry wars is just mind-blowingly tedious until you hit 10K points. While the first 60 seconds of Pac-Man CE is actually fairly challenging if you try to get four or 5 ghost combos in a row, even though you aren’t moving that fast, and by the time you get the last combo, the game has sped up to a reasonable level.

I’ve been itching to download some new stuff from XBLA, I think I’m going to get this and Prince of Persia 2007. Any other winners I should be looking at?

Catan, definitely. Band of Bugs seems like it could be good, but I’m waiting for reviews.

Pac-Man Championship Edition DX just came out for 800 points and is getting some super awesome word of mouth.

Bought, queued, and will be downloaded once I get home. I’m looking forward to this. Hearing the Giant Bomb team talk about it, they make it sound like the game just went bananas. I personally cannot wait to eat a string of thirty ghosts.

800 free points arrived in my account yesterday, and they will be applied immediately to the purchase of PMCEDX. I am hungry for 50 ghosts.

This game’s amazing.

The new Time Trials are going to be an obsession for me.

I’m gonna pick up Pac Man CE DX this evening as well. The first Pac Man CE was seriously unerappreciated…that game is pure genius. After a few games the light bulb goes off over your head, you have that “a-ha!” moment where you realize exactly what the game is all about, and it becomes impossible to tear yourself away.

It’s the same basic idea, but the execution on this one is very different. I like it better than the first one.

Tim Rogers reviews Pac-Man.

Championship Edition is his favorite version so I’m putting it here.

just about time for somebody to review it. I was waiting all my life since I was a kid…

You watched this? I tried to stick after the awkward opening (well, all youtubers have delusional grandeur problems) but then was greeted with 2 minutes of some game journasilm troll. It didn’t seem it was going to end for another 5 minutes. I like to be called “dumb” in more subtle ways!

I’m currently on the section where he’s talking about David Crane’s Tennis and David Crane’s Grand Prix. I had never heard of David Crane before.

Oh my god the Empire Strikes Back on the Atari 2600 looks terrible.

Wow. Are this guy’s reviews always nearly THREE hours long?

Yes, usually 3 hours. I got done with the first hour. 2 more to go.

He’s been frank that he doesn’t expect people to watch them in one sitting. The previous reviews were divided into chapters for that reason, but he didn’t do that this time for some reason.

his DragonQuest 11 rewiew for Kotaku was legend (50+ minutes long). Since he broke free from the shackles of Kotaku, he can reign free. Also he got huge patreon support (I support him, too). There is so much vintage video game stories in his reviews, I like them a lot.

This one is too. It might not be as clearly marked in video, but the timeline is divided up and there are timestamps in the description. He’s really good at this, but it is nearly impossible to watch in one sitting (which is fine).

Oh cool, I only saw that the video wasn’t marked up like usual. I hadn’t looked at the description. Thanks! That helps a lot.

This guy is why editors were invented.

Though I did enjoy the “since Pac-Man” section. Damn, Word should be programmed to flag that phrase if you type it.

YouTube videogame review introductions have come a long way since Pac-Man.