Pac Man Championship Edition DX

Answers the question:

What happens when you allow more than 4 ghosts in maze and give pac-man bullet time and bombs?

Anyone else playing this? I am blown away.

Put into my download queue from the web, will be playing tonight.

Awww, you beat me to the creation of this thread. I just came on the forum to do that.

That said, for all you high score chasers on the forum, this game is amazing. I’ve never been a huge Pac Man fan, though I’ve always respected it, but it doesn’t matter, this game is just that good. The variety of maps, modes and graphical styles is awesome, but the general gameplay takes the cake. Chaining up a huge train of ghosts and then gobbling it down is probably the most satisfying thing I’ve done in games all year, and I’ve done a lot of satisfying things in games this year.

For anyone who doesn’t already have me on their friends list, my GT is Mageical.

I’ve downloaded this, but I know it’s mainly going to be my wife that plays this one. She was a fiend for the first Championship Pac Man game.

I loved the original Pacman CE, man I was all set to use my 800 bonus points for more Pinball FX 2 tables and now this has to come out.

I dunno; I played the demo til it force-quit me out, on normal difficulty, and it didn’t seem good to play. It felt like a short-attention-span game for people who like rocketing their score to huge heights by doing nothing of significance.

Maybe it gets better in the full game, but the job of the demo is to convince me of that!

I really liked the first Pac-Man CE. It felt like e-sports Pac-Man and was a very nice re-imagining of the original that was clearly better in many ways. This game, not so much; it feels like pandering for sales.

Wow, bold words for only playing the game for 5 minutes. Questioning the integrity of the devs and insulting the people who are enjoying it all in one fell swoop? Well done.

Well done indeed. Few of us have honed our skills in douchebaggery like Mr. Blow has.

This game is fantastic, it’s like some wonderful drug that mixes the euphoric effects of acid with the addictiveness of crack.

I see what the difficulty levels change, but does anyone know how they effect leaderboards?

As far as I can tell, it doesn’t, but at expert you start at higher speed which means getting more points. I cannot imagine topping the leaderboards in anything but.

Ah, that makes sense. Thanks.

I am not accusing the developers of anything; I am simply describing how it felt to me to play. Note the repeated use of phrases such as IT FEELS LIKE.

This is how game designers talk to each other when they are genuinely interested in each others’ games and in making the best game possible. I don’t think it is douchebaggery; I think it is how we all improve at game design.

Congratulations on graduating from douchebaggery to bullshittery.

Comparisons to Snake and a massive level of “JUST ONE MORE ROUND” happened to me, AC.

Favorable comparisons, mind, some kind of Pac-Snake hybrid of absolute joy and a stunningly large level selection.

Ryan Markel set up a tourney of sorts in this thread. If you can beat the current high score of 818,360 you should go there and submit your score.

Does anyone know when this is coming out on PSN? I love Pac-Man CE but would like this opportunity to buy the new one on a console with a workable D-pad.

Jonathan’s comments sort of make sense to me from watching trailers. It looks more like something along the lines of Space Invaders Extreme than the subtle, simple original, but I don’t really have a problem with that.

It’s a great modern take on a classic. It manages to retain the classic feel of Pac Man while still adding a lot of design improvements to the formula.

As far as the d-pad goes, I wouldn’t really worry about it, the game plays great with the analog stick. Much like Super Meat Boy, it may initially appear to be the kind of game that works better with the d-pad, but it’s not.

Personal anecdote, the analog stick starts showing it’s limitations around speed 40 for me.

I’m using my Street Fighter IV dpad. and I feel much more in control.

I haven’t had any issues at 50 with the analog myself, but I’ve usually got my moves planned fairly far ahead. If I’m not sparking, I’m already dead.