Pac-Man turns 25

It’s driving me crazy.

I still have the Pac-Man Christmas Special on videotape somewhere. Everyone remembers the old cartoon, don’t they? In the Christmas special, the only thing I remember is that the ghosts got to chomp on our little yellow hero, the poor thing. He recovered though, and I suspect saved Christmas. It was no Star Wars Christmas Special to be sure, but it was fine enough in its own right, minus a coked-up Carrie Fisher.


What, are we living in 1985?

What, are we living in 1985?[/quote]
To my knowledge, the only rip-offs of Pac-Man today are the ‘sequels’.

I can dream, can’t I?

Many happy returns to the “Man.”

In honor of both the subject, and the poster:

Pac man was that dude, poppin pills and running from his ghosts.

almost up there with sonic the hedgehog