Pacific Rim (2013)

Wonder Con footage!

The two-pilot thing is really starting to bug me.

— Alan

This is why synchronized swimming is an olympic sport.

Can’t wait.

As a big Monsterpocalypse and Sons of Anarchy fan I will see this on day one. My only reservation is the tanker ship being used as a club. The scale seemed wonky, and I have a gut instinct that it would crack in half if Defender X started using it baseball bat style.

I had the same thought lol. No issues with giant robots or monsters but when he starting swinging that ship, I was like uhh no way that would work! Still, looks awesome.

IIRC, mines work by creating a big air bubble under a ship, which then breaks its own spine by the weight. So yeah, no ship clubs, but that does look pretty damned good. I had forgotten GDT was directing while I was watching it, and thought “Man, it’s like enormous Hellboy!”

It’s even got Ron Perlman.

What’s with the two pilot thing?

I’m sure that will get explained in the movie, seems like too odd an idea not to get some exposition on… My fist thought was redundancy, but they’re in the same space. I’d figure if they had two pilots in case one was injured that they’d at least put them in separate containment areas.

Usually, it’s something like that the neural networks used to control the robot would overload a single pilot, since they not only control it, but they have to subconsciously do stuff like feel where the robots arms are, feel “pain” (damage), or even flow coolant around appropriately, and other science mumbo jumbo.

Because the genre is Japanese, the real answer is that you aren’t supposed to be able to accomplish anything by yourself.

Unless you’re the hero, in which case you need to eventually pilot it by yourself, which is impossible and nobody has ever done it before and you body will never take it, what are you thinking? But you have to because if you don’t your best friend and rival will be killed.

So, you know, kind of like that.


I assumed the two pilots represented in some weird way the left and right hemispheres of the brain. But yeah, ultimately, lots of Japanese giant robot shows have weird neuro/psycho mumbo jumbo about who can be mech pilot and how they perform and how they connect to the mech mentally and whatnot. It’s a thing in Gundam, Evangelion, Five Star Stories, and several others.

It’s just a plot device so the grizzled old pilot with an axe to grind can form a mentorship with the young hot head pilot in a 80’s buddy cop movie sort of way. Nothing more.

That one looks like something out of Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. Which wasn’t good for other reasons, but decision to go Full Retro Silly was a good one.

That link is awesome! I spent too much time messing around with it.

My Jaeger…

Asylum has the mockbuster version!


I’m confused. That actually looked kinda good. Where are the giant piranhas?

That CGI totally reminded me of some Ray Harryhausen shit for some reason. Not bad, actually. There was o e brief shot with about 5 giant combatants in a downtown high rise area that looked like something in an old Godzilla movie. Why not? Do these typically come streaming to Netflix?

New trailer, mostly footage from the Wondercon trailer, but some new stuff