Pacific Storm - uh oh

So I have been looking forward to Pacific Storm for quite a while. The fanboy in me was hoping for an updated version of PTO 2 or something, but I guess it’s just not meant to be. The demo was okay but I wanted to check out the strategic part of the game before making any final decision. Looks like I’ll just have to keep playing PTO 2for my startegic/tactical pacific war fix.

god damn it. To think I would have played a game like this with 2d sprites and a dos interface if they had gotten the gameplay down. Good idea, bad execution?

The enemy fleet charges at you in a straight line, and carriers will obligingly stream their planes towards you in a straight line, fighters first, then dive bombers, then torpedo bombers. Escorts will blithely sail ahead of their escortees and submarines will beach themselves in shoals. This is one of the dumbest games you will ever play.

sounds wonderful

I felt guilty quitting the demo early because it simply wasn’t much fun despite the bullet points/hype. I feel much better now. Thank you Tom Chick.

oh fuck…

I could stand the quartermaster and the war minister things… but a bad ai and limited fighters over midway i can stay NOT…

and i had so much hope for the game…

Thanks for the fair warning