Packers move forward!

What a roller coaster! Exceptionally clean and well played, on both sides. If anything Seattle blew it by dropping so many catches, but then again the Pack blew the win by going short on that a tough Field Goal. I can’t believe they handed to Green just prior to that. I’d have taken a shot at a 15 yard hook play or something… get a touch closer to the uprights before attempting the kick.

Still. A real nail-biter. No turn-overs! Until the very end there.

Lesson: Never, ever, predict a score at the coin toss when you’re the visitor and when headed into Overtime during your very first play off game ever. Think Hasselbeck will remember that?

Yeah, I got screwed by my Tivo, which is just not good with sporting events, and missed the last 10 minutes of the OT. But it was a very exciting game.

I don’t think Hassleback said anything inappropriate at the coin toss. He just sounded confident.


Oh well… I’ll be rooting for the Packers now because Brett Favre is still The Man.

Regarding Hasselbeck’s prediction: it would have come true if Mike Holmgren had any courage at all… come on now, sudden death overtime with the chance for the franchise’s first post-season win since 1984, it’s 4 and 1 and you PUNT it?!? What a predictable coward.

Also, Alex Bannister is a steaming pile of dog crap. That interception was all his fault… he ran the route wrong… it was a timing pattern, and if he had made the cut when he was supposed to, instead of doing some kind of panty-waist stutter step BEHIND the DB, a Josh Brown field goal would have clinched a trip to Philly for the Seahawks. Instead, Seattle fans get to wait 'till next year. Again.

Go Packers.

F the fudgepackers. Stupid cheezedicks must die.

Because the Bears suck.

But the Cubs all the way in 2004!


If anybody has Frank Reich’s cell number, please let Mike Shanahan know ASAP.


But come on, don’t you realize “Jake the Snake” is the king of comebacks?

oh yay… one more week of cheesehead nonsense. Go Philly.

I’m just sitting here trying not to gloat too much to everyone I know about my Colts-Broncos prediction. :D

The only times I ever watch professional football these days is if my beloved Seachokes (as we used to affectionately call them in the early days, when they’d go 2-12 for the season) are in the playoffs. I never believe they’ll actually get to the Super Bowl, but I have to root for them.

Besides, if I didn’t, my Dad and uncle would disown me.

Go Packers! Woo-hoo!!! Packers #1!!

Go ahead and gloat all you want. We still remember your Packers prediction after all. :)