Pacman Suspended for Season

Titans’ Pacman Jones suspended for season, Chris Henry suspended 8 games:

I don’t know if this is a one-time PR move by the NFL or if they’re going to continue this down the line, but for reasons I can’t put my finger on, this announcement makes me happy. It’s like someone is finally saying “this is ridiculous behaviour and we’re not going to stand for it any more.”

In other news, get off my lawn, you young whippersnappers.

I can’t imagine there’s any question Jones deserved it. What a piece of work he was. I hope he doesn’t get to come back after this unless he’s really sure he’s not going to have a member of his entourage shoot bouncers after he beats up a stripper.

Well, I’m sure the NFL is hoping that as a PR move it’s something they won’t have to continue down the line.

I’m totally in favor of this, most professional companies would fire or suspend key personnel for behaving this way on or off the job.

If Jones actually did what he did I don’t see how a lifetime ban isn’t more appropriate. Also some jail time.


Looks like PacMan’s going to need to save some of those “show dollars” he likes to throw around on stage so he can afford to pay the rent next season.

The 8 game suspension for Henry was pretty much exactly what people here in Cincinnati figured he’d get (and deserves). Now the only question is if/when the Bengals will drop his sorry ass. Someone else will pick him up though, suspension and all, because the kid really does have talent on the field, he just has no brains off it.

Fire: Change all the litte dots to dollar signs and the ghosts to strippers and you’ve pretty much got it…

Pacman Jones runs away from strippers?

But then he gets the Big Money Dot and can whoop some stripper ass.


Vince Vaughn makes it rain, not Pacman.

You need to spend more time in strip clubs with Pacman, I guess.

This isn’t just a PR move. This is how the commish, Roger Goodell, is going to be handling things, IMO. The NFL has enough stars in its league to survive strong disciplinary actions against the deserving few.

The interesting part is that Henry and Jones’ suspensions are contingent upon their behavior in the interim. Meaning, Jones has to stay clean another year and a half nearly in order to even be re-instated. I doubt he’ll be able to, with all that free time. Henry maybe, although the odds don’t really favor him much, either.

Too bad, as Jones was the non-VY half of the Titans’ magic this year.

I dunno, this kinda irks me, because they’re being nailed for off-field behaviour that hasn’t been proven (IIRC). While I understand that Pacman is a complete dumbass and asshole, I don’t like the employer-as-babysitter mentality here.

I can’t believe these guys are getting such long suspensions when Haynesworth, who should have had files charged, got like, what, a 4-game suspension?

To be fair, she was kinda askin’ for it!

Image and PR. The NFL would hardly be the first company/business to do something along these lines. Also, whether or not the latest incidents have been proven, past ones have and it is fairly common sense to think that Jones and Henry, with their repeated run-ins with the law, whether proven guilty or innocent, deserve some attention. It’s not just who they are or what they do, specifically, it is the actions of those around them or the situations they choose to end up in that led to these incidents. You can hang out in a crack house and not do crack, but don’t expect to be above reproach merely because nobody could prove you did any crack.

I can’t believe these guys are getting such long suspensions when Haynesworth, who should have had files charged, got like, what, a 4-game suspension?

I can believe it. An on-field incident vs. several off-field incidents? It’s not too hard to see.

This is ridiculous. Pacman has not been convicted of anything. In other words, he is being punished for being questioned and for having run ins with the law. Now, I am NOT saying he is a saint. But a whole year for a guy who hasn’t been convicted of anything is WAY steep.

And Kid Socrates, you are dangerously close to libel. You can’t just accuse someone of an act without any evidence. Even the LV police have not found any evidence (so far declared anyway) that he is guilty of what you are saying.

No, it’s not steep at all. The man’s been arrested ten times since he was drafted, two of which he did not report to the Titans, which is a violation of the Personal Conduct Policy, I believe. I don’t want to copy/paste three years of data from Wikipedia, but go click there and take a look.

And just stick an “alleged” or two up there then if it makes you feel better.

On the topic of Haynesworth, I agree, he should’ve been suspended a lot longer than four games. What he did was reprehensible.

(For those who don’t recall, Titans DT Albert Haynesworth stepped on Dallas Cowboys C Andre Gurode’s unhelmeted head twice after a play was over, driving his cleats into the man’s face.)