Paddington 2 is now the greatest movie of all time.


Did Armond White like it?

The hell dude?


Fucking dark.

Paddington 2 is a fab movie and I would prefer to watch it over CK, so case closed I guess.

Or fuck Rotten Tomatoes. But Paddington 2’s name should not be disparaged - it is not P2’s fault it is fricking adorable along with a charming turn by Hugh Grant.

He really is what puts it over the top.


Paddington 2 is the Terminator 2 of children’s movies - not only better than the already good original but takes the whole genre to another level.

There is a Paddington 3 being made, which makes me happy but you have adjust for the fact that in no way can it top P2

My wife and I were just talking about this, and we can’t imagine how they can top 2, but we’re thrilled for them to try.

It’s pretty funny that an 80-year-old review got added to Citizen Kane’s score and tanked it.

Yup, an eight decade old review sent it down to a paltry 99%.

The Paddington Deep State got to Rotten Tomatoes.