Paid Wordpress Backup Solutions?

Hey guys, I’m writing because I’m looking at paid blog backup solutions for my beloved Wordpress blog, since it’s getting more popular, I’m actually going to have advertising on it and so on. Free backup plugins never have really worked for me, as they only seem to backup a small portion of the site (I want to backup EVERYTHING) or they choke when trying to backup the entire site (it’s around a gig or two now, and will only grow).

Therefore, I’m looking into some third party options, and was wondering if y’all had any experience with them or if there were any you could recommend. So far I’ve tried:

Blogvault - Still on the 30 day trial, but I haaate the web-based interface, it only seems to back up a small portion of my site, and isn’t fully transparent with the files it chooses to skip, so I doubt I’ll keep this one. They apparently also help with migration
BackupPress - It’s $5 a month, so I’m trying it now. It does real-time backup of content and nightly backup of changed files, which sounds like a good solution. So far it’s the cheapest option. It also seems to back up more than Blogvault did, but it too isn’t fully transparent.

Other paid options which get rave reviews that I’ve not tried include:

VaultPress - The most expensive of the bunch at $15 a month, but also might be the most feature-rich. It has a very transparent dashboard, and tells you what it’s backing up as it does it. It looks really impressive, so I might try it, but I’d like to learn more first.
BackupBuddy - This is a $75 up front fee for the plugin and one year of support, it seems, and has a lot of features such as new dropbox integration (which sounds awesome), server info tools and so on, and also focuses on restoration and migration tools, which could be useful later.

So far, to me, the most attractive options seem to be Backuppress and Vaultpress, but I’d also love some opinions if y’all have 'em. Thanks for your time!

Get access to the server, then backup the database and your webroot. You can do this by hand or use a web console. I forget the names, but there are a bunch of web frontends that shield users from the CLI.

You know how adults sound on Charlie Brown? Yeah, your post just sounded like that in my head. :/ So confused. Could you please elaborate in captain dummy talk? ;)

Yeah… you’re probably best off with one of the paid services. Vaultpress is run by the guys that originally built wordpress, so assuming your blog makes enough to make it worthwhile, give them a shot. Alternatively, there are a bunch of free plugins that supposedly backup directly to amazon S3, dropbox, or google drive.

Yeah, I’ve tried most of the free plugins. They either backup only one or two things, like posts and comments, or crash when they try to backup my entire website. BackWPUp was working for a while, but now it just crashes, sadly. Vaultpress looks like the best one huh?

That’s what my cursory 2 minute googling resulted in, yeah.

I just take backups of the DB and tar/gzip the webroot for Qt3, but you do need some sysadmin experience to do that.

Well, I can install PHP scripts and I kinda know my way around PHPMyAdmin, but only to do some very light tasks. It sounds like what you’re describing is installing some sort of front-end for the command line to allow me to download everything, database and entire physical site (files, directories, etc) and so on, right?

Usually your host installs the control panel for you, and you just kinda point and click. If it’s not already installed, don’t mess with it.

I do have a panel, but their backups skip domains/users over a certain size, which mine certainly is. :/

Yep, you either need to figure out how to do it yourself, pay for managed hosting to do it for you, or get one of those backup services.

I kinda want the backup off-site, just in case there’s a problem with my host, so it sounds like the backup service is my best bet. I’ll stick with BB while I can afford it, seems to be doing just fine I hope.

Thanks Stusser!