Pain - I really messed up

PLease, please, Bill D. or others that don’t want to read a downer about my health please skip - I won’t be offended I promise. I need help.

I’ve been struggling to get rid of this pneuomonia, I’m on week 3. To try and help fight this off I’ve gone on a really heathly eating kick to help boost my immune system. I’ve been having fruit smoothies every day as a substitute for one meal. Today I made what I thought would be my most healthy smoothie yet, a Coconut-Banana smoothie. 1/2 cup of coconut milk, one banana, cup of coconut meat, crushed ice, 2 scoops of ice cream. Fun breaking apart and all that.

I forgot somethin dreadfully important, or I’d prefer to think simple didn’t understand. The “milk” inside is more of an “oil” than Skim Milk product. Ther’es a alot of oils in the meat. My pancrease and liver can’t handle much oil, noand now I know middle fatty acid chain whatevermabobs they call them. My belly looks like the Mount St. HElens pre-eruption. Jen wanted to take me to the hospital but I can’t take it psychologically. It’s like going to prison sometimes even though they take good care of me. The thing is, I wait all winter long counting down the days until I get to work on the Pond and Frop Bogs, and then this disease totally screws up my plans.

If I go in, even for a couple of days it will be weeks before I recover the endurance and sntrength I’ve lost.

PLease, can anyone give me more advice on continous pain control? My doc will give me whatever strtength I ask for but I have capped mself at a specific strtength of a med and I’m not sure if I should talk about thr specirfics or not. I
m a flipping mess and I can barely type, my parents are worried sick (I feel terrible about this too!)> Arggh. ALl because of a Cocnut Smoothie - I’ve been trying so hard and I screw it all up.
Sorry to keep going o, it’s not Ambien, but I can just barely sit up. If anyone can give me any tips - if I can power through the next cupld days of pain til this settles down by not eating, maybe I can make it.

I know a few forume’rs deal with chrnoic pain, or other things so if you’re open please throw them at me. And I apologize to others for bringing the forum down. If you dont want to talk and share iseas public please pm me. I don’t know what to say, thanks, sorry, help
Goig to try and go back to sleep by the sound of Red Dwarf/Netflix playing off my 360.

And QT3 - thanks for always being there for me.


Can’t say much about pain meds, but I do want to point out that oil isn’t a far cry from fat, and ice cream has a very high fat content. It’s a minimum of 10% milk fat just to be legally called ice cream. Premium brands get as high as 30% milk fat. If oil does you wrong, I’d think the ice cream surely isn’t helping.

If a smoothie that contains two scoops of ice cream is your most healthy smoothie yet, I hesitate to ask what was in the other ones. I’m assuming uranium ore. Or perhaps fiberglass insulation?

Anyway, Netflix has a ton of old Doctor Who on it. Rediscover the joys of the often overlooked Third Doctor.

That is fucked up, man.

One man’s definition of fucked up is not the same as another mans.

.5 cup coconut milk has 24.1g of fat, 21.4g of them from saturated, long-chain fats. Let’s say he had 7 fl oz of ice cream (about 2 average-sized scoops), that’s only 12.8g of fat, and only 7.9g is saturated fats.

I’m gonna say it was the coconut milk that did it.

For all we know he’s using low fat ice cream, though, so it might only be 5.6g of fat, with 3.4g of that being saturated ones.

It sounds like he just flat out shouldn’t have coconut milk in his house. That shit’s like kryptonite.

Marijuana? It’s not much of a pain suppressant as much as more of a way of having aches subside. Not that the side effect of wanting even more ice cream smoothies would help any.

Go to the hospital.

Yeah go to the hospital. As soon as you make a post appealing to the internet to help you avoid the hospital it means go to the hospital.

Is vodka an option?

Hospital asap pls we will reroute dirty posts there

I misread post as “palin”

With my sciatica, before I became a neurostim-cyborg, I was on a ton of methadone. The thing is, your body can take large amounts of opiates–if you build up slowly and then, when you don’t need them anymore, wean off slowly.

If you start on, say, 45mg a day of methadone, you’ll die that day. But if you start at 15mg a day, and build up by 5mg every couple of weeks, you’ll tolerate it, and you’ll even be able to do stuff. Eventually, it keeps the pain away without messing with your brain.

When you go off it, wean at the same rate (5mg every couple of weeks) and you won’t experience withdrawal. I’m off the methadone entirely now, and only take occasional, short-acting oxycodone for breakaway pain.

If you don’t go to the hospital, Jeff, see your doctor REALLY soon, for pain control at the very least. If you don’t have a pain management specialist, I suggest you try to find one.

Might help (also in combination with Acid’s advise).

Numerous studies have now established that cannabinoids help lessen pain and affect a wide range of symptoms and bodily functions. Such research has also demonstrated that cannabinoids may work together with opioids to enhance their effectiveness and reduce tolerance.

This page has tons of info and other examples of pain control methods.

WTF, dude?

Go to the hospital.

It’s Tom’s board. If he wants someone to dominate it with medical issues and threads that fill up with “hope things get better, get well soon, sorry” again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again, so be it.

Die in a fire, Guapo. FFS.

Well aren’t you in a fine mood. I take it you didn’t bag a Swedish princess and had to make do with a (possibly two) cover model. Again. Poor thing.

Are you people retarded? He has Cystic Fibrosis and you are recommending he smoke pot and drink vodka.

You think I’m being mean, I am praying he never takes anybody’s advice on this forum. That’s probably how he got the notion that an ice cream sundae was healthy. You can all fuck right off with your self-righteous attitude, the man needs professional medical help and no one here is remotely qualified to handle his issues.

And that is why I draw the line at this latest craven plea for sympathy, because that is what he is asking for here, and to Hell with any of you who would presume to offer it. You people don’t even know or care enough about what his medical profile is to not offer completely retarded suggestions that would potentially kill him. Just offer your obligatory sympathies and go be a self-appointed internet expert somewhere else.