Painkiller 2 is coming


Alas, it’s unclear whether or not it will be developed by the original team. Still good news though.

Yay! It’s about time…

I still play PK1 from time to time. Most fun I’ve had with a shooter in a long time.

Also a cool looking mod called Overdose in the works.

I don’t get why you posted that first link.

it has a link to a downloadable high quality trailer from the second link

Ok. Seems like linking to the actual post containing the link would’ve made more sense. ;)

Forgot I could do that.

Looks like that mod is going retail.

The original & its extension for less than 10 bucks.

I bought the original at a store before I even realized there was an expansion for it, so I’ll probably wind up buying it on Steam since I would have been willing to pay that for the expansion anyway.

I’m going to have to set up a macro to fill in all of the Steam purchasing dialogs at this rate. :(

Hey, cool – I never got around to picking that up.

I just bought Painkiller Gold on Steam over the weekend for $20.

/me shakes fist

I emailed them last night to see if they would give me $10 back.

I love Painkiller. It’s one of my favorite games for just pure balls out fun. But I don’t recommend getting the expansion and/or Painkiller Gold.

I think the CGM review of the expansion cited the first level as being one of the rare good levels from the expansion, and I didn’t even like that first level very much, which wasn’t a good sign. Then I moved on to the Circus level, which is absolutely crap. I just can’t understand how they can take a frenetic, visceral experience like Painkiller and make a level like the Circus with monsters and level design that completely takes away from most good things about the game.

For anyone who has gotten past the circus level, are there other levels worth playing? Maybe I could use a cheat code or something to get past the circus if people here say its worth it.

I do. The Stalingrad level is incredible.

I dunno… maybe I’m biased, but I liked the expansion. True, it was MOTS, but if you liked what was served up in the base game, then there’s no reason not to have enjoyed the expansion. I thought the flamethrower was pretty fun to use, and some of the levels/monsters are pretty cool. The Dead City level is one of my favorites from both the base and the expansion.

Hmmm. OK, maybe it is worth it to use cheat codes to get past that damn circus level then.

I just checked Gamefaqs, and according to them the cheat codes only work on daydream or insomnia difficulties. Damn. I guess I’ll just have to slug my way past the circus somehow without giving up in disgust.

Moving from pure action to more puzzle-based was a mistake, IMO, but not at all a fatal one. The circus level is kind of lame, but it does get better after that.

And yah, Stalingrad and the orphanage one are awesome.

I loved Painkiller to bits; the expansion left me cold as well–also from a very negative first impression. What I dug about the main game was its sense of frantic movement that it only broke from on rare atmospheric occasion.

So in the first game, something like the Asylum level was a brief change of pace by going cramped and more careful (relatively speaking). The expansion opened up in a cramped-movement level (and really lost me with a room with floor geometry–pews, if my blurry memory’s to be trusted–that you constantly got stuck on). I remember breathing easier in the first half or so of the circus level–hey, I could actually run-and-gun again, not just gun! And then…there was a literally locked-on-rails shooting sequence, and it lost me entirely.

To be fair, I suspect that some of the stuck-on-geometry problems I’d been having with the first level at least was due to my machine at the time not really having the horsepower for it.

I don’t get the expansion hate. Sure, there are some missteps in the level design, but nothing so egregious as to make me so much as consider stopping playing.

Also, every time I load up Painkiller, I imagine my garage door slowly opening to reveal a German speed metal band with long, greasy, curly hair rocking their brains out. I dunno why; that’s just the image I’ve always associated with that game.

And I’m sure I’ll get crucified here for saying it, but the Xbox version is actually quite good if your PC is defective or old. I was surprised. The stakegun isn’t nearly as fun, but the overall game is largely intact.

And… they said no.