Painkiller demo questions

Did anyone play/finish the Painkiller demo? I’m confused as to what to do in the first boss arena, where the two sorcerer bosses fight you by tossing corpses at you.

I’ve defeated all the corpses, but the bosses seem invunerable to my weapons, and I don’t know how to finish the area.

Also: I pick up coins, but don’t see any HUD counters rise to show this. I don’t know what to do with the coins. I don’t know what the two numbers at the top of the screen represent either. There was no documentation that came with the demo that explained anything.

I’ve played through it a few times. The sorcerers will fall to repeated weapons fire of just about any type, just keep dodging and firing away at them.

Coins are used to attach powerups to your character between levels. you earn these powerups by accomplishing secret goals (example: finish level 1 getting only stake kills). Some of these are permanent boosts (more max health). some are powerups like haste or quad damage type stuff.

Numbers at the top are enemies killed and souls collected. Every 50 souls you enter the nifty godmode.

Thanks Lokust, much appreciated.

I’m not sure which boss arena you’re refering to, Jeff. If you’re talking about the Town level, the “sorcerers” are actually called “Leper Monks.” Their armor makes them pretty much invulnerable to the stakegun (you can actually see the stakes break as they hit), but use the stakegun from a range (so the stakes will flame) and you’ll have better success. Otherwise, just keep shooting. ;)

The coins are indeed part of the powerup system (dubbed the Black Tarot) as Lokust describes. In the retail version, you can find your gold total by bringing up the scoreboard via the Tab key.

Demon mode is actually achieved every with 66 souls collected.

Thanks gladguy, that’s some good info too. I love this game :)

Brian, whats the situation on the map editor? Will it be included, downloaded later or is it nixed altogether?