Painkiller First Look

First off let me say thanks to Gladguy for hooking me up with a copy of this.

I ran through the 3 levels of the not even alpha first look and there was a lot to like even from the small sample of what I saw. The graphics were very nice using crisp textures and varied art. It ran very smooth on my system at 1280x1024x32. The enemies were interesting looking ranging from caster looking guys to bikers with tommy guns. I thought it was particularly neat how when you killed an enemy their body was still solid for a few seconds. It led to getting bodies piled up in tight hallways keeping the enemies away from you for a short time. The most impressive thing in the demo though were the two boss monsters that were Serious Sam boss monster big and walked around knocking over pillars and shaking stone from the roof. I am sure the geometry is setup to be broken apart but definitely a cool effect.

I think the only thing I was disapointed with was that I couldn’t shoot out the stained glass windows in the cathedral looking level. Overall I will be interested to see how the game develops going forward.

– Xaroc

I particularly liked the enemies that sorta “skate” on air towards you, the ones in the red hooded robes with the scythes.

And that arena boss is great - he actually insta-killed me once when he kicked a pillar and the pillar flew through me.

Overall, Painkiller kinda reminded me of Quake, with Serious Sam bosses.

How’d you manage to come across the demo? My connections clearly suck. :P

I get confused between Painkiller and Will Rock… which one is better? I need a real Doom fix now and then… i mean oldstyle kill everything type doom, not the new slow paced Doom 3…


Anything anywhere is better than will rock, the game with the most ridiculously fucking oversized gun ever. It’s got a weapon that takes up a full 25% of the screen real estate. Ridiculous. And the developer line of thinking is really impressive. “And here’s our chain gun, because everybody has to have a chain gun these days!” Blech. It’s everything that’s wrong with the FPS genre in a mythology wrapper.

Yes, I would like to thank Brian for the advance copy, it’s a lot of fun and I look forward to seeing the preview copy in a few months. The level boss is plain great!

I’ve had my eye on this game for awhile now. I 'm pleased to hear that it’s turning out to be solid. From the screenshots and increasing buzz, Painkiller is working its way up my “must-have” list.

I just hope is doesn’t turn out to be another Devastation.

But there’s no rocket launcher! It’s been replaced with an ultra-innovative Fireball Thrower!

Sigh… I wish I was cool enough to have the not even alpha first look version of Painkiller. Then I never would’ve even had to scar myself with Will Rock.

I’ve had a chance to play it as well and its just as fun as it looks (and then some.)

The texture/art-work on the City-on-water level look like a 17th century oil painting…just gorgeous. The Cathedral level looks like the Quake 3 engine would have if it had kept pace with current Unreal tech (does that make sense?), which is to say it looks great as well. The arena boss has to be experienced to be believed. All the levels have a unique look with the physics being the ribbon on the package.

I don’t recall ever recall replaying a demo over and over like I have with this one…kinda like a crack habit :twisted:

That’s not even original. In my befuddled state this morning I can’t recall what game it was, but one had a huge uber weapon thing that took up at least 1/3 of the screen with its vertical curved magazine.

That’s not even original. In my befuddled state this morning I can’t recall what game it was, but one had a huge uber weapon thing that took up at least 1/3 of the screen with its vertical curved magazine.[/quote]

Star Wars: Dark Forces. The Dark Trooper rifle took up 1/3rd of the screen with its massive magazine.

No problem, Rob. 8)

We’ve got some other pretty cool plans for integrating the physics engine (Havok 2.0) into gameplay.

Did you get to the courtyard at the end of the Venice level? There’s some overhead glass that shatters quite nicely.

I’ve asked to have the glass physics applied to the stained glass windows. Don’t be surprised if you see it implemented in the final release. :wink:

All ya gotta do is ask.

I’ve got a couple of the First Look CDs left over. First come, first served. Send me a PM with your contact info.

Gladman I hope you don’t mind that I passed mine onto Balut, I’ve been riding him to get a preview written up but he’s a procrastinator.

BTW, Gladguy, what’s up with the respawn-out-of-thin-air monsters? I hope that’s just because it’s pre-alpha, cause that’s one thing that I find really irritating in FPS’s.

THAT’S why you need to write up a preview; so they can find out what the target audience wants and doesn’t want. If I may suggest that enemies appearing be accompanied by perhaps a ‘warping’ in effect, maybe a bright red pentagram and red Star Trek transport light effects. Give people a second to look around for the bad guy. Added bonus: make them jumpy whenever they hear the sound.

Yeah, that’s so unrealistic. Can you make them be born, get raised by parents, go to school to learn monster tactics, and then arrive by bus or something?

Sometimes spawning works, sometimes it doesn’t. In an action shooter like Painkiller/Serious Sam/et al., it’s really a non-issue.


Well I’d run-and-gun down a hallway, kill about 10 guys, then start getting attacked from behind. So I turn around, see 5 more guys, and kill them. Wait about 15 seconds, and 5 more guys spawn out of thin air in the same spot.

I just enjoy games more that let you kill every bad guy on the level, with no endless respawns. It adds a sense of accomplishment, and encourages more stand-and-fight tactics rather than just running away to save ammo that would be wasted against endless respawns.

BTW, I think Tom Chick has taken over Cathcart’s role as my game posting nemesis at the moment. I just haven’t noticed anyone else as purposefully contrary lately.

I flip-flop on the whole spawning thing. At first, I thought that it was essential for baddies to be patrolling the map, like in NOLF. But the way the level progression works in Painkiller makes spawning somehow OK. By that, I mean you are only given access to chunks of the level at a time, and the section you’re in must be “cleared” before the door will open to the next section. So, balut, that kinda adresses your need for a sense of accomplishment, don’t it?

Besides, we’re talkin’ about demons in purgatory here. Spawning should not be an issue.

And if Tom is OK with spawning, then I’m OK with it. :P