Painkiller - white floating ball of mist?

I just picked up this game for some fun and am wondering what the white floating ball of mist is in each level ? (For example there is one behind the large church in the first level). I walk onto it but nothing happens. Also where are the “Holy Relics” ? I have never been able to find one in any level.

The white balls are health powerups, but have no effect because your health is likely already at 100 or higher. Finding the relics usually involves locating secret areas or jumping to out of the way places such as the top of buildings. You can go to for help with finding all the secrets.

Thanks for the info Albert ! :wink:

LOL! This game is a lot more fun than Doom 3. What a trip ! :D

One useful pointer, which I missed for the first few levels - you can find out the ‘secret’ goal of the level (finish it with only one weapon, get 66 kills, whatever) by clicking on the readout at the level selection screen. Also, the swamp boss is tricksy, but easy once you know the secret. Otherwise I agree - Painkiller is the real Doom 3.

I missed this too at first, and it’s something that helps you configure your card ‘loadout’ for the next level’s requirements.