Pakistan: U.S. blew undercover operation

Pakistan: U.S. blew undercover operation

The al-Qaida suspect named by U.S. officials as the source of information that led to this week’s terrorist alerts was working undercover, Pakistani intelligence sources said Friday, putting an end to the sting operation and forcing Pakistan to hide the man in a secret location.

Was it a calculated political move, sacrificing an undercover agent and the safety of our country for short term political gain, or simply sheer stupidity?

You decide!

I’m going to go with the latter.

Was there really any political gain achieved in naming the guy?

I vote C, Pakistan’s just making shit up.

Quite frankly, unless you have access to highly classified information, you’re never going to be able to figure out what’s true, what’s false, misrepresented, etc.

For example, lets say there is an undercover operative that fingered Khan, but Khan himself wasn’t an operative. And it was determined that information gleaned from Khan led to necessary immediate action. That could potentially compromise the source that led you to Khan. In which case you might have a dilemna. Or somebody in the ISI needed to cover their ass because they were passing information to Khan. The rabbit-hole is endless.

Bottom line: There is no case of success where the facts can’t be known that won’t be used to bash people you don’t like.

Yeah. It sucks when you’ve burned up all your credibility…