"Palestinians never miss an opportunity..."

A useful and succinct lamentation of Palestine’s tragic failure to engage peace, provided this time by Charles Krauthammer of the Washington Post, from his most recent column:

Abba Eban once famously said that the “Palestinians never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity.” The fall of moderate Palestinian prime minister Mahmoud Abbas – systematically destroyed by Yasser Arafat – represents a spectacularly missed opportunity.

Abbas wanted to end the terror and cash in on the American promise of an independent Palestinian state. Arafat, whose unswerving objective is a Palestinian state built on the ruins of Israel and who will not put down the gun until he gets it, undermined Abbas from the very beginning. He now has chosen a puppet as his new prime minister. (Daniel’s Note: Since this column appeared five days ago, Arafat has abandoned even this pretense of power-sharing).

For 56 years, every time the Palestinians were offered the possibility of a state side by side with Israel, they chose rejection and violence.

In 1947 the United Nations offered them the first Palestinian state in history. Led by Haj Amin al-Husseini, the mufti of Jerusalem, who had spent the war years in Berlin as a supporter of Hitler, they rejected the offer, made war and ended up with a vast Palestinian diaspora.

In 1978 the Camp David accords between Egypt and Israel offered the Palestinians a five-year period of autonomy during which negotiations for final status would be conducted. They might have had their own state 20 years ago. They rejected the offer – and the treaty – out of hand.

Precisely 10 years ago this Saturday, the Oslo accord was signed in Washington, bringing Arafat and the PLO back to Palestine for what was supposed to be a historic reconciliation with Israel. Rather than making peace and establishing new Palestinian institutions, Arafat used the next decade to turn the Palestinian territories into an armed camp – a “Trojan horse,” as Palestinian moderate Faisal Husseini openly admitted – for renewed war on Israel.

Abbas was lucky to lose only his job. At previous hinge points in Middle Eastern history, those advocating compromise and peace met a harsher fate. Jordan’s King Abdullah, grandfather of King Hussein, was assassinated in 1951. Three months after Anwar Sadat addressed the Israeli Knesset, one of his top advisers, Youssef Sebai, editor of the al-Ahram newspaper, was assassinated in Cyprus. The moderate intellectual Issam Sartawi was assassinated in Portugal in 1983.

Abbas’s fall is only the latest chapter in this tragic story of the Palestinians’ repeated decision to refuse the dignity of independence if it meant accepting Israel. Every peace plan, every road map, every truce is bound to fail until the Palestinians make a historic collective decision to accept half a loaf and build their state within it.

What should the United States do now? The editorialists are issuing the usual knee-jerk call for the Bush administration to intensify its efforts in the peace process.

What peace process? Intensify efforts with whom? With Arafat – who is behind the terror, who destroyed Abbas, who will never sign a peace treaty and whose commitment to war-until-victory is as enduring as was Ho Chi Minh’s and Mao Zedong’s?

The United States went a very long way toward the Palestinians by issuing the road map and the guarantee of statehood if they dismantled the terror apparatus, stopped the murderous incitement and began the process of reconciliation. Abbas appeared ready to take that road. Which is why Arafat brought him down.

The fundamental principle of U.S. policy now must be to prove that Abbas was right. That means no negotiations with Arafat or with any new prime minister beholden to him. That means supporting Israel in its war on terror…

Disclaimer: Jason McCullough will quickly post that “Krauthammer cannot be taken seriously.”

Don’t read him much. He’s a dead ringer for Tim Elhaj, though.

That is rather good. I don’t usually like Krauthammer much, but that’s a pretty interesting spin on it.

I’ll save Tim the trouble of pointing out that you’re all benighted stooges of the great zionist media conspiracy and that nobody is allowed to assign blame in the Palestinian situation, because it’s all too complex for you to understand unless you are Tim Elhajj.

That’s not even much in the way of a zinger, Ryan.

You have to admit he saved you a lot of time, though.

You have to admit he saved you a lot of time, though.[/quote]

Much better, Lizard.

The Israelis will take care of it now, though, by removing the current great obstalce to peace, and creating an environment where they can more reasonably create stability and peace in the region.

The current effort to protect the Palestinians from themselves won’t fail. Well, as long as the Americans see to it that they’re not allowed to mess it up, of course.

Good job that, by the way.


You have to admit he saved you a lot of time, though.[/quote]

Much better, Lizard.[/quote]
If I had a better screen name, we could be one of those WWF tag teams.

You have to admit he saved you a lot of time, though.[/quote]

Much better, Lizard.[/quote]
If I had a better screen name, we could be one of those WWF tag teams.[/quote]

You and Lizard would be the evil wrestlers, and I would be the good guy.

I’d like to disagree, but I can’t imagine a good wrestler being named “Lizard King.” Then again, in today’s political climate, I can’t imagine one being named Elhajj either, so maybe we’ll just all have to be evil. Which is probably about right.

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BBC correspondent Greg Barrow at the UN said several diplomats feared that through the vote Washington may have inadvertently sent a message to the Israeli Government that its threats towards the Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat will not be opposed.

Inadvertently? BBC correspondent Greg Barrow interviewed some pretty stupid diplomats. There’s nothing inadvertent about the “message” Washington has sent to the Israeli government. The message is loud and clear: We will support bilateral efforts to implement the road map, and we will not tolerate Arafat’s efforts to undermine it.

US policy must be to REWARD the Palestinians for compromise and implementation of the road map, as well as to PUNISH the Palestinians for continued obstruction of peace.

The other “message” being sent with this veto is sent to the Palestinians — the road map works, terror doesn’t.

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Cold blooded doesn’t always mean evil. But I really don’t care, so long as I get to wear a mask like these guys.

Needs more Sheik Elhajj.

Needs more Sheik Elhajj.[/quote]

What do you expect from the American sporting event announcers?