Palm Springs (HULU) - Samberg, JK Simmons

Seems like it could be a nice twist on the Groundhog Day formula.

For all those people like me who stupidly watch a trailer when you hate spoilers…

don’t watch the trailer!

I wish you would’ve said that an hour ago.

Oh well, maybe I’ll postpone seeing that movie for a few years and forget everything.

Thanks for the warning, I hate spiders. However, I love JK Simmons. Ugh.

I enjoyed this tonight! Very charming. And also kind of depressing at the same time. Good combination.

I looked up the trailer, and that’s completely full of spoilers. I’m glad I didn’t watch that before I saw the movie.

Edit: Why isn’t this thread in the Movie Subforum?

Might be down to the old distinction between MOVIES and made-for-tv-movies (& other platforms)?

Also enjoyed the movie and went it completely blind. No idea WTF to expect except Peralta and the Mom from How I met your Mother, and it once again shows that TRAILERS RUIN MOVIES!!!

And NO, its not as simple as “then just don’t watch the trailer”, because once a twist or story development is shown in the trailer its categorized as a free for all for all discussions of said movie. (“come on man, thats not a spoiler, it was in the trailer!”)

We watched this last night and enjoyed it. I hadn’t seen the trailer, but I did know going into it that there was a Groundhog Day situation of some kind. Knowing that much didn’t hurt my enjoyment at all, and the Samberg and Milioti were just great.

What a fantastic movie. Haven’t laughed that hard in a long time.

This was really good. I wish I hadn’t watched the trailer but since I stopped half way through it I think I only ruined the first ten minutes of the movie and the main huge plot point, which is also hinted at in plain text in the first post of this thread so whatever I guess.