Palworld: Ark, but with Pokemon and Warcrimes

Pssh. Rookie. Should have Ragan tell you some Ark tales of dino breeding!

Glad to see so many people having fun with the game ;)

For some reason, I just love this game. The exploration is nice with flying mounts and climbing, the combat is fun with so many different pals to catch and train with their individual weapons and attacks, the base building is fun, so many things to unlock and create. I try most games at least a few hours, have for 40 years now, but rarely play them to completion or even more than 10-15 hours and am pretty jaded anymore but this one I’m into hour 30 now and it’s just “fun”. Thinking about starting over with my higher knowledge of the game and where to create bases and I’m not feeling annoyed with doing that at all.

Still adding to its boggling market stats! (I say this as someone that loves the thing.)

Yeah, that is how these twitch popular games work. They blow up for a week or so to a month and then people move on to the next thing.

Hit game concurrents drop from almost highest ever for a game to, checks notes nearly highest ever for a game.

It reminds me of the headlines that read something like “Elon Musk lost X BILLION DOLLARS IN ONE DAY” and it’s like, yeah, TSLA had a 4% drop. Elon just has that much money in Tesla stock. It’ll bounce back next week, but lets not let that get in the way of the clickbait.

I wasn’t knocking Palworld, if anybody got that impression. I was amused that it scored yet another record and the nature of the record.

Oh, I didn’t think you were. My comment was only directed at the clickbaity headline. :)

The usual. Number rises? Write an article. Number falls? Write an article.

That said, you get about 50-60 hours of content out of the current state of the game, more if you like to grind for the perfect pal, and it’s been out a couple of weeks now. It’s only natural for people to move on.

The “Games as a Service” concept and its idiotic fixation on concurrent player numbers has caused a tremendous amount of brainrot in the capital G Gamers and the associated press.

If you sell a product, your main metric of success is still units sold. Only when you attempt to lay a pipeline to people’s wallets to shill shit like 30$ city portal recolours as “micro” transaction you start to worry that the whales might move on.

I hear you! And I’m an outlier (I think?) on the forum where I enjoy quite a few GaaS titles and like to see games I enjoy continually worked on and developed.

But not every game has to be that. Getting 20+ hours of enjoyment out of a $29.99 game is fine! Not everything has to be a forever game, you know? :)

I did enjoy a few monetized GaaS in the past, but at some point they did feel like a second job (or a mortgage, in some cases…).
Technically, you could rate No Man’s Sky as a GaaS - the continued support has gone for years now, and they never charged beyond the product price, but that’s an outlier. One in which I have an absolutely godless amount of hours played.
But I do enjoy games where I’m along for a ride and can say at the end “Yep, that was fun, we might do that again in the future maybe.” instead of getting shunted into some kind of progression treadmill.

It’s nice if a game gets long-term support. It’s not so nice when the price for said support is basically getting nickel and dimed every step along the way. And in the last years, what you get for your money feels hardly with it anymore. 30 bucks for Phantom Liberty? Hell yeah. 30 bucks for a fancy character skin? Eh. Yeah. Capitalism('s) Ho(e) and stuff.

Yeah, the problem with a lot of them is they want to monopolize all your time and attention. And I think that’s a dumb way of approaching it. If that’s the only game you play and only game you’re interested in playing it can work, but all it ends up doing for me is putting up a barrier where I just don’t even want to bother with it all.

For games with ongoing development I’m more than happy to financially support it while I’m playing but the second I start feeling like they’re trying to exploit me or nickel and dime me, I’m out. And the industry has been pushing way too hard in that direction.

Why is the video mirrored? Does Youtube demonitize videos with MLB logos or something?

I think it’s mainly just because it was taken using a phone selfie camera.

Seems they’re still growing. And last I heard still desperately trying to expand their dev staff.

The game is pretty ripe for expansion too. You get a load of new Pals, and a new continent to explore, and sell that for 10-20$, I’ll bet a lot of people will jump right back in.

I’d think folks would balk at DLC being sold before it’s out of EA. Ark did that and there was some grumbling, but perhaps they’d just accept it now.

Sure, I think that they would focus on a 1.0 with finished polish, and then plan the first DLC.

They certainly have plenty of money now with those sales for a lot of burn through cash.