Panasonic Not Doing So Well

Hideaki Kawai said the country’s biggest commercial employer will axe another 10,000 jobs by end-March as it pares its costs and looks to return to profit. Panasonic shed 36,000 jobs last business year, some through the sale of businesses.

Panasonic warned last month it will lose close to $10 billion in the year to March as it writes off billions of yen in tax-deferred assets and goodwill related to its mobile phone, solar panel and small lithium battery businesses. It also put aside money to cover the lay-offs and other restructuring measures.

I remember when Pansonic was a fairly trusted name in electronics. I don’t think I own anything with the Panasonic brand now.

Alll my stuff is Panasonic (unintentionally).

I have a Panasonic Plasma TV, DVD, and Blu-Ray player (year old).

They are all excellent products - with each purchase I’m a bigger fan of their home electronic products.

I don’t currently own any of their stuff, but what I have owned has all been good. The window air conditioner was quite good.

Crap, I too have a Panasonic plasma TV, which I love. It replaced my last Panasonic plasma, which I also loved. Their home electronics products are indeed excellent. I hope they do okay.

I think if you said “popular” instead of “trusted”, I’d agree. As others have mentioned, I don’t think they have a reputation for being shoddy. Rather, they clearly lost a ton of market share. I’d say because of the decision to go big on plasma and their classic Japanese mega-corp approach of being generalists. Canon ate their lunch in the camera market and Dell and Lenova ate their lunch in the laptop market.

Same. Their Plasma line is the best! Which just leaves Samsung now I guess. Not quite as nice as the Pannies, but close enough until the OLED revolution.

Hopefully they keep pumping out amazing plasma TVs. I love them so, amazing image quality and off-angle viewing, deep blacks, no burn in. Love it.

Unfortunately plasma is on the way out. The best tech doesn’t always win, as Sony found out when they initially ignored LCD in favor of higher quality rear projection tech. And plasma just can’t get past its general consumer rep for having glare issues.


Pretty much all of the Japanese electronics companies are in deep shit right now. The article here mentions Sony, but Sharp is also having a lot of trouble right now.

My dad’s plasma Panasonic is the nicest 1080p display I’ve ever seen… but it lives in his basement mancave, so no glare.

My Plasma is Panasonic as well. It’s been great for the 4+ years I’ve owned it.

Also, the cordless phone at home. Seems Panasonic and Vtech are the only significant players in cordless phones. Of course, the market is dwindling rapidly as more people eschew landlines.

My Panasonic 42" plasma is a fantastic display. Been using it as my primary pc monitor for about 3 years now. Sometimes I still use the old 21" NEC trinitron for web browsing as I play Netflix on the TV.

…I really don’t have any point here other than to echo that Panasonic makes fantastic HDTV’s. I hope they survive and keep bringing out new models as I’d like to upgrade to larger size + 3D at some point.

I agree with the praise for Panasonic’s plasma TVs. They also make terrific micro four-thirds cameras and lenses, although recently they seem to have lost their innovative spark of a few years ago.

We own products from both of those lines; I dearly hope the company can cast off enough of the bad products to keep the amazing ones (like these) going.

At one point, just about all my electronics (stereo, dvd player, dvd recorder, TV, cordless phone, electric shaver, even a microwave) were Panasonic. I’ve always had good luck with their stuff.

The one area where they’ve gone really downhill is electric razors. I had one of their wet/dry electric shavers and loved it… So when it needed new blades/screen, I decided to update to a newer, higher-end model. Ugh, so much lighter, flimsier, cheaper, and less effective. So I decided to get the new blades/screen for the original early-2000s model, and it turns out they’ve cheaped out on the construction of the replacement parts and those don’t work well anymore either. :(