Pandemic Express (zombie escape non-battle royale)

So I got an email for this earlier today and from the videos I’ve seen I am finding it very intreaguing, I’ll probably pick it up at release since its only $10.

It’s based on the idea that you spawn in a small space on the survivors team, and one of you gets randomly infected. The infected player needs to turn everyone into zombies, as they flee to rescue. Rescue comes on a train.

Vid from 2018:

Vid from 2019:

Playing as a Human

  • Loot: Find gear in abandoned houses

  • Cooperate: Work with teammates to survive

  • Fight: Kill zombies with anything you have

Playing as a Zombie

  • Resurrect: Respawn instantly and close to fellow zombies

  • Hunt: Find the humans hiding around the map

  • Annihilate: Infect everyone!

I like the art style and the music for that video. The “numbers” when you shot things didn’t look too god though, maybe it was the font used.

The human vs Zombie angle is quite nice, remember the XBOX 360 game “Perfect Dark Zero” had a awesome MP game mode where you attempted to survive as long as possible as a human, and when you died you’d respawn as a zombie trying to kill the remaining humans.

same with Aliens vs Predator and the mode where one player started as a xenomorph vs a team of marines, and each killed marine respawned as a xeno.

So this goes live today, some awesome things the dev’s are doing for release:

Alpha Community Keeps The Game

Everyone who helped playtest the game (activated their Alpha test) gets to keep the game. Forever. For free.

1+1 Promotion

To celebrate the launch, for the first 3 days, anyone who buys Pandemic Express on Steam gets an extra free copy to give to their friends.

Launch Price is under $10

The full MSRP for Pandemic Express will be $14.99, however we’re launching with a 34% Launch Discount!

The Road Ahead

We’ve got big plans for the game. You can find the roadmap above, but we’d like to address three major community requests separately.

1) Regional servers
As of right now, the game’s servers are located in Germany. This means that players from the Asia-Pacific region, South America and West Coast of the US might experience latency issues.

We will be closely monitoring the player count in every region, and as soon as we see that regional servers are a viable option, we’ll start working on implementing them ASAP.

2) Playing with your friends
This is one of the most frequently requested features, it will be added into the game soon. For now — hit “Play” at the same time as your friends, and you should end up in the same lobby.

3) Control rebinds
Another very important for a competitive game feature. We know it can be a pain, especially if you’ve used your custom keybinds for years. We’ll work on implementing it as soon as we can, but it may take a little longer than the first two.

Had time finally to watch some people play this and I am not sure if its something I wanted.

I really want that 4v4 left for dead 2 experience again. This seems much more chaotic and not as much fun.

1.0 is here!

Roadmap goals met!

26 people playing it right now, does not bode well for a multiplayer online game.

Is there a PvE/bots option for playing solo?

I don’t think so @SweetJP

But soon we can all find out, the game is going to be FREE.


Interesting. I’ll have to give it a download while the getting’s good.