Pandora - Music genome project

Thought i’d mention it since I didnt find any reference to it here. Nice concept and a great way to find new music I wouldn’t know about otherwise.

But it is a really cool site and you can basically use it for free for an unlimited amount of time as long as you don’t mind there being an ad on the side of the page.

Weird, searching for pandora got 2 hits on BCTM. Non related to this site. Anyway, in case somebody missed the other two - worth looking at.

It seems with their recent update to HTML5 they’ve opened their doors, possibly inadvertently, to non-US residents!

I’m now able to again peruse the site, listen to music, and well use the site.

Holy crap thread resurrection!

Yeah, love their new interface, and I’m glad they remove the 40 hour limit for non-subscribers. I’ve been a PandoraOne member for a couple of years now, and totally love it.

I could have sworn they were closed down - But perhaps that was just in Europe? Anyways, thanks for reminding me about them - loved the site back in the day

Nah, they just had to restrict themselves to the U.S. only. :/

After being able to come back after several years the site is a breathe of fresh air compared to other playlist services. Pandora always gives me much better results.

My only complaints is that I need US credentials to get the iPhone app, sub up, and the fact they no longer tell me the various things that make up the song. I really miss not being able to read that as it actually helped me pick new song ideas.

Also it seems my old account no longer exists.

Still doesn’t work in Canada.

Aww they must have fixed that then, I’m working on the road now but last week I was listening and setting up playlists just fine =(

Odd, being back home I can confirm I still have full access in a canadian city in which my IP identifies me as being in a Canadian city. I also had access in several other major Canadian cities while travelling.

Edit: You need to whitelist the site on adblock and flashblock, that may have been your issue?

Is pandora working really crappy for anyone else today?