Panzer Dragoon Orta

Wow, serious necromancy going on lately. But to answer your question, it holds up pretty damn well, in my opinion. I like this best of the Panzer Dragoon games I’ve played, though possibly because it was the first one I played. It even works well on the 360. I think you got a pretty good deal for $7.

This game fucking rocks. Damn you for finding it so cheaply.

I just sold my 40+ XBox games in a garage sale. Panzer Dragoon was one of the six games I kept.

If I could find this and a copies of both Otogi games, I’d be in heaven. So much fun.

You need to consult the group think before you spend 7 dollars? Seriously?

if you had read my post you would have realized that i already purchased the game, and was just curious about impressions. buzz off.

The original Panzer Dragoon’s intro was awesome. The moment your character first sees the dragon and lets his gun fall because he’s so shocked, the dragon’s scream as his first pilot is killed, the way he looks at and accepts the new pilot… just pure awesome! It is physically impossible for me to watch this intro without the hairs on my arms standing on end.

I speculate that a long time ago, in the dawn of Japanese gaming prehistory, some designer was looking up western military terms and found “dragoon”. The relation to “dragon” made it a clear winner, and of course he didn’t bother to do any research to find out what a dragoon really was, so pretty much anyone with a military weapon could qualify. Then other designers started copying it… hence lots of Japanese dragoons in games that have little if anything to do with 17th-19th century hybrid cavalry.

I suppose a similar thing happened for “panzer” as it too – along with variants like wanzer and so on – are around in many different Japanese game lines.