Panzer Elite Successor?

Panzer Elite II was cancelled with the closure of Wings but it appears someones else has been working on a new Tank Sim. They’ve released model renders of both German and Russian vehicles. Release is set for 4Q 2006.

You can see the rest of the screen captures in this thread at Sim HQ

Wings closed?

The models look nice, I am more worried about gameplay than the looks of any such game. Still, good news.

Wings closed?

Yes, already a while ago. They finished the Söldner add-on (Marine Corps) before and were shut down afterwards.


Oh, sorry to hear that. Soldner AFAIK sucked (the demo I tried was the laggiest POS since CC Renegade demo) but the people had talent. I hope they sitll work for Jowood (one of my favourite publishers).

This new tank sim, no chance of having any “Pacific theatre” tanks/campaigns there, right?

I hope they sitll work for Jowood (one of my favourite publishers).

Spread across the lands. AFAIK none of them is working for JoWooD anymore. Some are now employed at smaller developers, Plex (Community Manager) is now at Blizzard Europe, Teut Weidemann is consulting CDV. And two of them are working for us now.


Also, be careful of that “Panzer Elite : ACTION!” game that is coming out. May seem obvious, but none of the Wings guys are developing it.

It’s a pure arcade (most likely budgetware) game coming out with the PE license.

Seeing how PE didn’t sell that well, and the people it did sell to and loved it are hardcore tank simmers, I have no idea why they are using the license to create an action game.

I wonder if the new Panzer Elite is from the folks who did the (brilliant) arcade-y tank game Tiger Hunt? Luuuuved that one. :)

I’m apparently one of a very few who enjoyed Soldner. Did the add-on ever surface independently, or was it only offered in the Gold Edition?


I wonder if the new Panzer Elite is from the folks who did the (brilliant) arcade-y tank game Tiger Hunt?

PE: Action is being developed by Zootfly, which happens to be a Slovenian studio.

Did the add-on ever surface independently, or was it only offered in the Gold Edition?

Over here it’s being sold seperately, no idea about the distribution outside Gerrmany though.



Thanks! The English addition apparently is being sold only with the Gold edition.


no chance of having any “Pacific theatre” tanks/campaigns there, right


Teut is CTO at CDV.

A new Söldner patch is coming soon:

Changelog *****
After a long process of fixing and balancing the game, we can tell you that we are in the final stadium of the release of the new patch.
Below you will see which things will be fixed, and what is improved to the game, and gameplay. This patch is not a final patch is announced earlier. We will continue our work on Söldner in the future.

-Project-Zero Development

Soldier: Start point of swimming is increased.
Soldier: Airsupply under water is increased without scuba kit.
Soldier: Heartbeat bug is resolved, and you will be able to shoot more accurate.
Soldier: Camera position is changed slightly.
Vehicle: ATV availible for non add-on users
Vehicle: Avenger, B1 Centauro, BRDM ATGM, Rooikat, Type-93 are two seaters
Vehicle: Added Desert Patrol Vehicle, Landrover MG, M966 “HMMVW” Tow
Vehicle: Greande launcher on Fennek and KSK Wolf replaced by Machine gun
Vehicle: Mowag Eagle Recce change the crosshair of the Machine Gun
Vehicle: All machine guns had more power and are more accurate
Vehicle: Challenger MBT, Leclerc, Gepard, Tunguska, Leopard 2A6, M1A2 Abrams, M2A3 BFVS, Merkavar, T-90 and the Wiesel TOW are 2 seaters.
Vehicle: Armor of all vehilces are changed
Vehicle: Power and blastradius of tankshells are increased
Vehicle: All tow missiles are balanced to the amount of TOW they carry
Vehicle: M2A3 BFVS TOW rockets can take out each tank with 1 shot
Vehicle: Tunguska and Gepard are not able to shoot under a particle angle
Vehicle: Added M113 and MRLS system
Helicopter: Added AH1W Cobra, AH-64D Close Support,Multi Role, Ground Supression, RAH66 Comanche Attack, UH-60G Blackhawk, UH-60Q Blackhawk.
Helicopter: All main machinguns are increased, also the 2 of the UH-60L Black Hawk
Helicopter: Each helicopter has it own rockets, and these have there own power and accuracy
Helicopter: AH1W Cobra, AH-64D Close Support,Multi Role, Ground Supression, RAH66 Comanche Attack, RAH66 Comanche Anti Air, RAH66 Comanche, Pah Tigre these will be operated by 2 persons.
Helicopter: All transport helicopters are equipped with flares
Helicopter: Littlebird MG, Bell UH1D, Cougar, Chinook, UH60M,- UH60Q Blackhawk equipped with additional smoke grenades
Helicopter: Ironsights of helicopters are changed and improved
Helicopter: Pilots of some helicopters have the availibility of Nightvision
Helicopter: Speed and steering are changed
Jets: Added B2 Spirit
Jets: Change all loadouts of the jets
Jets: Implemented new bombs and more powerful rockets
Jets: Machineguns are more accurate and powerful
Jets: Speed and steering are changed
Jets: OA-10 Thunderbolt II is now a real tankkiller
Ships: Added hovercraft
Ships: Jetski availible for non add-on users
Ships: Machineguns of the ships are more powerful and accurate
Ships: Speed and turning is changed
Player Map: The player map will be on when you spawn/respawn
Game Mode: Vehciles and flag posts in CTV and CTF mode are moved outside the HQ
Game Mode: All Game Modes now have a default time limit setting. These settings are adjust to the size and Multi Player mode of the map
Game Mode: Spawn area are increased to prevent spawn camping
Game Mode: Added airfields or addiditonal harbors to maps to extend it for the use of the new content
Game Mode: Replace terminals so they are able to buy tanks also or launchers
Game Mode: All add-on maps are now able to play in CTV and CTF
Game Mode: All old maps are fixed as much as possible
Weapon: All weapons are balanced to almost 100% realistic settings.
Weapon: Prices are changed
Weapon: The power of the knife is increased
Weapon: M203 grenades are less powerful
Weapon: Zoom levels on scopes are added
Weapon: Texture of the XM8 and Remingotn 870 are changed
Weapon: Shotguns are more accurate on short distance
Weapon: Heavy Machinguns are now accurate as support fire
Weapon: Ironsight on some weapons are changed
Weapon: Created new scopes for some weapons
Weapon: Knife is deadly with one strike
Weapon: Added Javelin and M136At4 launcher
Weapon: Change the penetrations and blastradius of all the launchers
Weapon: Change the pricing factors of launchers
Grenades: Change the throwing factor and the power
Grenades: Add a stun grenade, blinding people with IR or NV
Equipment: Bombing Kit, Engineer Kit and Medic Kit are now able to use prone
Equipment: Sniper Kit extended the laser range
Equipment: Sniper Kit is priced lower
Equipment: Scuba Scooter increase the speed and diving factor

Server: Overall Stability of stand alone server
Server: Added servermanager tool, which will auto start and restart server(s) when crashed
Appearance: New Start and End screen
Destruction System: Changed the destruction system, so you are more able to hide in particle buildings
Portal: Enabled Clan management sytem
Net code: Network bandwidth improvements and fixed the estimated bandwidth
Net code: The lag while in a vehicle as passenger is decreased
Portal: Portal is complete optimised and will react faster
Radar: All vehicle, ships, jets, helicopters and boats have better radar, and the ability to see empty vehicles also
Camera Rockets: Camera Guided Rockets are easier to steer and have better control
Max. Players: Max players is now set to 64 players
Airstrike: Airstrike is changed to preventing abuse of it
Area Of Intrest: AOI is changed so the camera guided rockets and bombs have a longer distance
Camouflage: Added several new camouflage created by the community
Logo’s: Added new logo’s created by the community
Suites: added Ghillie Suit

List with new maps:
Arena Wars
Bradley Op
Cross river
Island in the sun
Mekong Delta
Save the bridge
Small Mountains
White Village
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Just a quick FYI to let folks know a demo for Panzer Elite Action is available. I saw it at, but I’m sure it’ll pop up elsewhere as well.


WWII Battle Tanks: T-34 vs. Tiger.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: IDDK ( ) and G5 Software ( ) announce a new tank simulation to be set during the Second World War.

WWII Battle Tanks: T-34 vs. Tiger” tells the story of the great triumph of the Soviet Army during the summer campaign of 1944. The Soviet Army had won the battle near Kursk, and since that day, German tank forces were retreating. “Operation Bagration” in 1944 was one of the most significant Russian campaigns during the struggle of Soviet and German tanks in Belorussia.

The player will be able to experience “Operation Bagration” in two playable campaigns – a Russian campaign and a German campaign, where he can take control over the Russian T-34 or, respectively, the German Tiger.

The player will be fighting in realistic locations, modeled after the Belorussian landscape of the early 20th century, recreated from hundreds of reference photos and maps. Additionally, the game will feature a realistic combat environment, including infantry, cars, armored personnel-carriers, motorcycles, artillery, aircraft.

The most detailed technical documents available were used to model realistic physics and tank behavior. To model realistic tank movements, the propulsion systems, transmissions and gear-ratios, tank masses, friction and suspensions were taken into consideration. For a realistic gunnery model, the mass of the shell, gravity, and the initial speed of the various ammunition types, as well as the various gunner’s sights available, were taken into consideration.

Realistic effects, such as explosions, smoke, destruction of vehicles and buildings are modeled. Tanks (and other objects) can be shot or rammed, displaying different levels of damage. The player can observe the battlefield from both realistically modeled 3D or virtual stations, as well as from third person views and various camera angles.

The latest 3D engine technology allows for stunning graphics effects, such as dynamic shadows, self shading, bump mapping, specular maps, glow and bloom effects. New technologies used make it possible to stretch the map-size to over 40 square kilometers and set up thousands of trees of the highest level of detail.

Key features:

• Storyline based on the Soviet Army “Bagration” operation in Belorussia in 1944;
• Large scale of available missions;
• Realistic handling and physics;
• Realistic locations depicting Belorussian landscape of the early 20th century;
• Detailed animation of weapons, vehicles and infantry
• Realistic combat environments of that time period, including infantry, cars, armored cars, motorcycles, artillery, aircraft, armored troop-carriers;
• Playable, detailed 3D crew stations for commander, driver and gunner;
• Non-Linear Mission Structure;
• Various external Views;
• Realistic effects: explosions, smoke, destroyable units;
• Both Internet and LAN Multiplayer Options;

WWII Battle Tanks: T-34 vs. Tiger” is scheduled for release in Q1 of 2007 in Russia.

Screenshots and Videos

Sounds quite tolerable. G5 is also working on Whirlwind of Vietnam for 1C.