Papa John's cheese dipping sauce: Another Fall Of Man

Casano’s is still operating here in Dayton, OH. I think they’re based here. I remember eating Godfather’s Pizza way back when I lived in Toledo. Maybe it’s just my fond memories but that pizza was the shiznit.

Papa John’s sauce is a bit too … ah lively for me. It tastes like a “fake” fresh sauce if that makes sense.

I have to second the cardboard crust thing. All the Papa John’s I’ve ever tried was simply dreadful.

I would sooner choke on Pizza Hut’s greasy discs …

Ditto. That is the only reason I get Papa’s.[/quote]
Same here. Dip the breadstick/crust in the garlic sauce and then put one of those banana peppers on it. Awesome stuff, the cheese sauce is too thick and gloopy for me. That’s right, gloopy.

Godfathers taste(d) good.

I miss Little Caesars.

Back in high school, I played in a band with twins that both worked at LC. Soooo much free pizza. I loved their deep dish…

Then they alligned with K-Mart, which was a good idea for about 5 minutes.

Looks like the closet one is over an hour away now.


Once Little Caesar’s screwed with their cheese to bread ratio and began to skimp on that sprinkled cheese, I deserted them. My sister and I on our way home would by a pack each of bread with heaps of cheese and sauce and chow down. Now those bread sticks only have a light dusting of what tastes like shredded plastic.

Out here in San Diego it’s all about Bronx Pizza. I’ll do the 5 minute drive rather than walk across the friggin street to Papa John’s. If the pizza is so shitty that you need an extra sauce (a cheese sauce no less!) then you really need to find a new source of pizza.

Pizza Hut is tasty in an industrial way, but with the greasy crust, it’s one of those I like it, it don’t like me bad songs. PJ’s is my delivery fallback, but our house, serendipitously, is two blocks from an insanely great traditional Italian oven pizza place (Facia Luna), and six blocks from a very tasty local 3-store chain, Hiway Pizza. So ordering out is a sign of either profound laziness, or that it’s a weekend and I know the students will have the walk-in places mobbed.

Facia Luna, like the ton of other places of the same name (hey, THAT’s Italian!) has no web presence. Hiway does:

Nick go create a website for Facia Luna so I can check it out! :)

Being an east coaster, I have to opt for Papa Gino’s over Papa John’s when it comes to thin and greasy pizza. But I’ll take good Chicago-style pie over both, in a heartbeat. Chester Cab, a local Rochester joint, does a good one. The guy who owns it worked at Giordanos for a number of years before moving to Rochester.

They mostly dissappeared in these parts, other than as you mentioned in K-Marts, but a few stores have recently appeared again.

Not the same place anymore, mind you. Now they’re jumping on the “$5 pizza, already made, just come in and pick one up” craze that’s running through pizza shops around here.

According to the store locater at Papa John’s website, there are no Papa John’s in Massachusetts, which would be why I’ve never had their pizza.

Actually I think I had Pizza Hut once in high school, and never had Little Ceasar’s-- though Domino’s did happen to me in college.

At game night we used to go to Anna’s, which had great pizza and delivered, but all their stuff besides pizza was meh.

Then we discovered Gerry’s Italian Kitchen, and while their pizza didn’t rival the classical goodness of Anna’s, they had specials like greek salad with marinated steak tips, or venetian chicken over gnocci, or the North Ender (a sandwich with romaine lettuce, fresh tomatoes, pesto sauce, fresh mozarella, and prosciutto). They would let you order off the menu (so if you wanted linguini instead of gnocci, no problem). We fell in love.

About a month after the switch we’re playing a game and we hear a little “tink tink” at the door. Someone from Anna’s had come by and shoved a stack of menus through the letter slot. It was like a faint cry of, “Come back! Please, come back!”

I suppose our $50-60 every Wednesday is a nice order for the local places.