Paradise Killer - Suda51 but Vaporwave

Yeah, I like this game (and a lot of games like it) a lot, but man am I tired of doing nothing but “moving around,” in reality just watching the visuals change as I hold down a button or whatever. Just feels like a massive waste of time these days.

May you reach the moon.

That’s wild. I had no idea it was that kind of game either! I’m yet to play it but one of the tracks that was submitted in the game music thunderdome is fantastic.

I just find the title offensive because Suda51 sucks. That’s my heartfelt contribution to this topic.

From the gigantic moon on the title menu on, Suda51 was definitely what my mind kept going to. I’ll say this though - in the Suda51 games I’ve played, for all their cool posing, cryptic dialogue, trolling and fourth wall breaks, he’s never made a choice as alienating to me as making all the characters part of a society that mass-abducts, enslaves and slaughters thousands upon thousands of people in a ritual sacrifice. Also, the character writing usually has more flavor.

Don’t get me wrong, when you lay it out, it’s an interesting setting, but when you ask me to care about these people getting murdered, all I’m going to ask is: why aren’t we killing more of them?

It’s a shame that I can’t care because the mystery itself is pretty good, I love the aesthetics and enjoyed exploring the world. (Then again, most things would be enjoyable with that soundtrack.)

I did so much exploring in this game that I never got to the mystery part before I lost interest. I knew in my head that I was supposed to go interview the suspect being held and never got around to it. I guess I basically sabotaged the experience for myself, but I like knowing the lay of the land before the plot starts moving and… there was a lot of lay to this land!

Woah. I need to try this out, after all, Game Pass.

I bounced off this three times. I love the idea of an open world murder investigation, but I just can’t get past the aesthetic.

Started this on a whim when it looked interesting in the PS Plus menu. So a reminder that you can (or can’t) play this as part of PS Plus, if you have the right level of it. No idea. Anyways, enjoying it so far! Bizarre but compelling early on.

I am glad I played the game overall, but my opinion of the game definitely cooled by the time I reached the end. Mainly because there’s basically no detective work in this detective game. You just go places, talk to people, click things, and the mysteries solve themselves. It’s no Obra Dinn, for sure. But it’s definitely quirky and imaginative and basically like someone got Mario in my visual novel. Worth a look, for something a little different.