Paradox Announces Cities: Skyline - Huge Cities, Offline Play, & More!

Trailer link:

And Paradox blurb link:

The Sky is no limit!
Inhabit a world where you define the rules. Cities: Skylines invites you to create the city of your dreams in a sprawling landscape dominated by cloud hugging structures and jaw dropping architectural marvels.

Developed by Colossal Order, Cities: Skylines offers sprawling landscapes and maps with endless sandbox gameplay and new ways to expand your city. Key to progression is the ability to influence your city’s policy by incorporating taxation into districts. All this including the ability to mod the game to suit your play style makes this the definitive city building simulation.

You’re only limited by your imagination, so take control and reach for the sky!

Main features:

[li]City policies: Set policies to guide how the city and districts develop over the course of your playthrough.[/li]> [li]City districts: Personalize city districts with names of your choice for variety and personality.[/li]> [li]Road building and zoning[/li]> [li]Unlock buildings and services[/li]> [li]Taxation: Fine-tuning the city budget and services and setting tax rates to different residential, commercial and industrial levels and controlling what kind of areas are more likely to spawn in the zoned areas[/li]> [li]Public transportation: Build transport networks throughout the city with buses and metros[/li]> [li]Outside connections: Make industry and commercial districts flourish with new customers in the neighboring cities[/li]> [li]Wonders: the ultimate end-game content that the players strive towards[/li]> [li]Huge maps: Unlock new map tiles with unique possibilities to expand the city[/li]> [li]Water flow simulation: Add new challenges to water services.[/li]> [li]Polished visual style and core gameplay[/li]> [li]Modding tools: Built in feature designed to encourage creative pursuits.[/li]> [/ul]

As a staunch SC2k13 hater embittered over the effective loss of his cash-monies, I have high hopes for this, tempered only by my second-hand knowledge of the general state of Cities in Motion 2 upon release (not-great). Here’s to hoping for the best, though!

Paradox did go through a period of poor releases, I think (hope) they received enough flak to change this with CK2 and EU4 being good on release.

Cities in Motion 2 was after CK2. Not sure about EU4.

I’m more worried that I only thought Cities in Motion 1 was an OK game and didn’t like CiM 2 at all. I hope they are capable of pulling this one off.

It tickles my funny bone that OFFLINE play is now a selling point!

Hey guess what - you can play offline!

Some younger gamer:
What? Offline - what is that? Is it cool?

Forget about it!
Don’t need no stinkin’ internets!

I think most of their marketing/messaging right now is directly mocking EA/SC2k13, and my title reflects my appreciation of that fact ;)

Oh, I am sure the marketing dept at Paradox said hey lets steal all those SimCity peeps away. How can we do that?

First, we make a game that works!

That is a great idea! You are a genius! (everyone applauds)

OOOOO, OOOOOOH…Mr Kotter - how about we offer offline play?

And on the meeting goes…

I guess now we just have to hope they pull off a great game.

Paradox Development Studios has gotten much better at releasing quality products. Paradox Interactive, which is the publishing arm, has a much more spotty track record, unfortunately.

Paradox actually seems like it’s undergoing some significant under-the-radar changes, several long time designers have left, and it seems to be turning itself into a “regular” publishing company that just happens to make in-house strategy games.

That said; Cities: Skyline. Sure? Why not. The only thing i noticed off the top is how few cars there were visible on freeways. Literally the only thing that might convince me to buy a PS4 is if the remix of GTA 5 has as much traffic as they have shown in the previews.

The map looks too big! :D

It does look good, but as people have stated, can they pull it off. I certainly will not pre-order it or buy it day 1, but I may buy it after a week or two if it gets the all clear.

I do hope they add specialized industries based on local resources as well. It would be nice to maps where you can build special stuff because of a resource. Like uranium processing, oil, or perhaps an entire fishing industry on a coastal map.

That said; Cities: Skyline. Sure? Why not. The only thing i noticed off the top is how few cars there were visible on freeways.

Given the issues Cities in Motion had with traffic modelling, that’s probably a good thing.

That’s a bad problem to have when your game is supposed to be about modelling traffic!

I tried CiM (i think i own No. 1) and it had that particular Germanic diorama design that Central Europeans seem to like so much. I can see myself playing with the series, someday, as a sort of downtime detox game.

Oh that’s exciting. Cities in Motion is… okay. I am not a huge fan, but maybe this will be worthwhile.

IIRC it was developed by a mostly female Finnish software house, which may explain its different feel. I really liked it, but gave the second one a miss due to its poor reception.

From the AMA:

We’re looking at starting at $29.99 - that’s HALF of some other management games. But we’ll likely have some kind of Digital deluxe edition, or even a super collectors edition (if there’s interest) - is there?

Instead of doing point by point comparisons I’ll paint in broad strokes.
•Our cities are big 36km2
•We ship with mod tools
•We generally focus more on systems/features than on visuals.
•Districts - you paint districts with brush tools and then can change policies/rules for them specifically. What makes Soho soho? What makes harlem harlem? It’s your policies and rules

We’ve optimized the game for cities of that size. BUT - The sweetest feature is that we’ll have an option where you can uncouple the limitation and go bigger. but that’s up to you and your hardware :)

•Districts - you paint districts with brush tools <— what in the world does that mean? Instant buildings? If so I don’t like that idea. If it’s zoning, they should have just said that.

I think they mean after building whatevers you can define the borders of different districts out of pre-existing buildings or zoned land plots. I like the idea, it all depends on whether these policies/rules are interesting, and there’s a reason to treat different districts differently.

I think it’s zoning too. Cities in Motion has a way to zone, and when you cross zones, you can charge more for the ticket.

what who?

Hasn’t Chris left and EU4 have a new lead developer?