Paradox Announces Cities: Skyline - Huge Cities, Offline Play, & More!


I’ve seen some youtubers who received an early copy using it - really has a lot useful additions, not the least of which is you can now have parks (from Parklife) that do not require roads. I think the zoo and nature reserves are especially cool.


The DLC appeals to me so much: zoos, nature reserves, city parks! This will be the thing that gets me back into the game. I only wish that wildlife appeared in the nature reserves.


There are wildlife spawn points that can be placed when editing maps (I shamelessly admit to moving them before starting a map if an area is going to end up being developed.) I figure if you know where a nature reserve is going to go, add in some spawn points. :)


Thanks that sounds great!


Pretty neat.


I was thinking about getting back into this, because its been a long time. Can anyone tell me what the must have DLCs are today? Any of them passable? I already have Snowfall and Afterdark, so I am wondering about the other 4…


We are in the same boat @Fozzle.

GMG has a sale on all the DLC, so I did some research and it seems that these are the best in terms of quality and content:

Snowfall (we own this)
AfterDark (we own this)
Green Cities
Mass Transit
High-Tech Buildings

Natural Disasters I am on the fence with this one, the reviews on Steam mention it causes a lot of forest fires for the player to combat, in addition to other disasters. So this could turn every game into California Wildfire Fighting Simulator. Not sure if that something I want.

Parklife looks fun, but its pretty new and I am waiting for 50% off or more sale.
IMHO all the dlc for this game is double what it probably should cost, hence the wait for sales. :)

The remaining music and cosmetic dlc are probably not worth it, I don’t feel they add anything that is MUST HAVE.


Just surfing Steam’s screenshot area, the level of detail people put into this game is amazing.


As far as I know Mass Transit is the only one that introduces new transport mechanics so is the most interesting /essential.


Thanks guys for the response!


Did you get any of them?

I bought:
Green Cities
Mass Transit
Natural Disasters

Passed on High-Tech Buildings after watching this content review, where most of the stuff just doesn’t look finished.:


Ok started up a new game , I forgot how good it all looks. Also added a library from the workshop, some really high quality free content on there.


The lighting in that second screenshot makes your library look like an old rusted out metal warehouse building :)


I have been getting back into this one lately after buying some DLC on the GreenManGaming sale.

It still is not very challenging. I get that there is a hard mode but that simply just makes things more expensive and artificially lowers RCI demand. I would play on this mode if it was simply the cost but I do not feel like having a city grow very slowly due to the reduced demand.

On the other hand it is quite fun. My biggest challenge is just getting started. I find myself trying to be too perfect at the start and that has hindered me in the past. If I can get to 1,000 people I kind of feel that I am on my way. Some of the scenarios also give me that initial boost. But once I am going I just can spend hours tweaking my creation. It may not be quite as great as SC4 but it is close.

For those who are wondering, I thought I would provide some insight into the DLCs.

The DLCs do make a substantial difference, especially Mass Transit and Parklife. The main challenge in this entire genre is always traffic. SC4 was woefully incomplete until Rush Hour gave players the tools to build large cities. Mass Transit is somewhat along the same vein as it provides the hubs for an efficient transportation system. I have not spent much time with this as my city is not of sufficient size to really need it but it does feel like an important piece of the overall game.

Parklife is the DLC that I think provides the most enjoyment. The ability to build and maintain personalized parks is creatively a lot of fun. I can put together a decent park in just a few minutes but I am looking forward to developing a huge one when I finally build my downtown area, which will also include a zoo. This DLC just adds a creative touch that was missing from the game.

Green Cities adds some new assets but just sort of blends into the background. The recycling centers and things like that are okay but it does not seem to greatly impact game play.

After Dark is nice for screenshots and you can appeal to tourists but again it does not add anything fundamental to the game. The night mode is pretty but it makes it more difficult when you are trying to add roads or plan so I find myself turning it off from time to time.

I entirely skipped Snowfall. Not updating existing maps to have seasons was a massive miss for this expansion. I have no desire to build a permanently snowed-in city.


I was thinking the exact same thing lol



Better screenshot of it, and moar of the city.

I should be playing Deus Ex Mankind Divided, but traffic issues are so much fun to resolve!


Very beautiful.


The city grows, also some sweet new road options like this bridge with center walking area (last picture).


I played for a bit tonight, but one thing is driving me a bit nuts. All the interface/menus are kind of fuzzy, like they are in a lower resolution than the game itself. The graphics look fine, just the menus look horrible.

I don’t have something set wrong do I? My guess is they used some sort of scaling for higher resolutions to make the interface big and readable. I guess that’s fine, just ugly.


Beautiful screenshots.
I was just thinking about getting back into this game and these helped sway me.

Thanks for sharing.