Paradox Announces Cities: Skyline - Huge Cities, Offline Play, & More!

Fluff or something that adds actual depth to the game?

I can’t imagine that they’d start making this more of a strategy game at this point.

Yeah this game isn’t getting any depth. Every dlc is pretty much cosmetics. :P

Didn’t mass transit and industries add some depth?

As an academic working for a university I fully support this expansion!

Those expansions did add depth. I played SC2K for years (I was a fixture on Simtropolis/STEX) and while Skylines is a bit easier, I do not see much of a difference between the two games. Skylines has a few more standard toys but the scope of the games are now quite similar.

There’s been a rash of “pretty but vacant” simulators lately, it seems like. This and Planet Coaster seem to be the standard bearers. It’s a damn shame, too, in both cases.

Yep for certain.

First dev diary for the new DLC is out. Seems like it could have at least a little bit of depth to it, certainly we’ll find out more as they continue with the dev diaries.

I like it with exactly this level of depth. It has enough depth not to bore me silly watching things unfold. Sometimes I want a more challenging experience, sure. But sometimes I don’t like when I am feeling less well, tired from a long day or slower. Or maybe one of those and with interrupted game time.

Then, this type of pretty, minimal but still important decisions, low penalty game is a great fit.

Man, I just wish they would have gone with random maps too.

Oh snap, they actually re-worked the education gameplay systems a bit so that there is now a reason to have each kind of education facility and good coverage for them. The biggest change in the free update (patch) for me is no doubt:

“Citizens need to go through each education level at the right age. Elementary schools provide education for uneducated children. Graduates obtain Educated level. High Schools provide education for educated teenagers. Graduates obtain Well Educated level. Universities provide education for well educated young adults. Graduates obtain Highly Educated level.”

Does anyone have some “must have mods” for this game if you have all the DLC? There is no way I can parse 50,000+ of them of what may be required in lieu of all the updates.

5 year anniversary!

Fishing… industry!

Cities: Skylines - Sunset Harbor introduces the fishing industry, new mass transit options, and important city services. Increase the entertainment of your city by taking flight with helicopters and private planes. Create cities across five new maps and build fishing infrastructure to develop your agricultural industry.

I’ve never played this game but dang, they really seem to keep cranking away on it. Out of curiosity, how has the development been? Is it one of those “Wow this game is so much better than it was at release”, or is it mostly just additional little things to play around with for those who can’t get enough of the game?

More of the latter. It is a traffic management game at its heart. The Parklife, Campus and Industries DLC for instance just do more in terms of creating unique districts for your city as an example.

Amazed this is still getting DLC.

I’m thinking I’ll jump back into this for the first time in years, as I’ve got that city building itch and the airports DLC looks like it could be fun. Are there any good YT channels to follow?

  • Biffa Plays Indie Games: good host, good production, some neat ideas and beautiful cities.
  • City Planner Plays: probably the best tips and ideas, but I don’t find the channel quite as entertaining as Biffa.
  • Official channel: lots of topical videos focusing on different parts of the game

I’ve been playing Skylines pretty constantly since the start of the pandemic, if you’ve got any questions as you get back into it.

12 million copies sold, mighty impressive.