Paradox joins Impulse

Just a head’s up that the Paradox titles are going up on Impulse.

Hearts of Iron, Supreme Ruler and the rest are either up or will be up shortly.

It’s nice to see Impulse being “faster” than Steam this time (which only has EU:Rome AFAIK).
The Tilted Mill games Hinterland and Mosby’s for instance were released several days “later” in Impulse compared to Steam.

Now Paradox just needs to announce, program and release a decent game that is not about boring World War 2. :D

What happened to that Impulse enhancement which was supposed to allow third party publishers to offer their games on Impulse fast, easy and without much hassle?
Did that went live? Or is it still planned?

That’s interesting, especially since you can buy their stuff directly through their own online site. But, I guess the more places the better.

Yeah, but you really need the capability to download patch files. Last week, we were trying to play Sins of a Solar Empire on the basement LAN, and having to update each Sins installation separately for four systems sucked.

MyImpulse is in development, it’s a Phase 3 feature (April 2009).

The biggest challenge Impulse has been facing is getting the games up there. There’s a considerable backlog right now which MyImpulse will help a great deal with.

It’s coming. We have to do that for Demigod so it’ll be in by April.

When is the EU3 combo pack coming?

Thank goodness. I used the GamersGate client for the first time when getting in on the King’s Bounty deal, and it…could be improved…


Is there some place where you announce titles you are working on getting in Impulse? I’d like to know what’s coming soon?

It’s nice to see companies willing to move away from their own captive digital distribution systems. Ideally I’d really like them all to be a bit more like retail stores in that everybody stocks most everything and the consumer can choose where to buy based on how well they like that distributor’s policies, mechanics, and the price at any given moment.

I think you’re looking at it.

Great news, I was just browsing sites last week for Hearts of Iron and now that its on Impulse I have no excuse not to buy it.

YES, now that I have a connection speed faster then 56k I’ve started buying games digitally and I’m raelly enjoying the experience, but I would like to keep all my digital purchases too Impulse and GoG.

In the next few weeks Impulse will get a lot better about giving heads up on what is coming out. There’s probably a good 100+ games in the queue right now.

Is it similar to StarDock Central where if you buy the game you can also get it shipped to you for $5?

I believe you do have that option with some titles.
*EDIT I just pre-ordered Elemental with the retail box off of Impulse, the digital download was ($49.95) or Digital Download + Retail Box + shipping for ($59.95)

Does anyone know if the Hearts of Iron listed on Impulse is the Platinum Edition?

Yeah, my GamersGate experience is what keeps me from jumping on this Impulse thing. I like being able to download directly without the use of a client (which thankfully, GG just dumped theirs).

Still, Impulse intrigues me. The screens look nice, but I’m really leery of downloading this. Is it easy to get rid of if you don’t like it? What would happed if I used it, and bought a game through it, then wanted to get rid of it? I’m guessing it would act just like Steam, in that you have to use Impulse to get to your games. I think I’d rather just buy and DL the game.

Impulse differs from Steam in that once you download the game you don’t need to keep it running or be online to play your game. But as of right now you are required to use Impulse to download updates and patches, however in April there might be some changes in this requirement.

You have to use Impulse to initially download and install your games, but after that they are entirely autonomous, DRM-free installations. You never have to touch Impulse again, if you don’t want to.

Yea we’re working on something called “Impulse Anywhere”. There’s really two parts to it.
First, a web-based mechanism for downloading a .impulse file that can then by copied to other machines and such (so you could use Firefox to download a .impulse file from the web from wherever and take it home to install via Impulse).

The second will come in the form of updates to Impulse Reactor (this is similar to Steamwork except Impulse Reactor is more server based, doesn’t require the Impulse client) which will allow games to update within themselves without having to load up the client.

The first part will be available before Demigod because, let’s face it, a lot of people, particularly in Europe, are not in a position to download a multi-gigabyte program to their home computer.

The second will come later since it requires developer implementation work too.

Isn’t broadband penetration in Europe higher than US?