Paragon Pioneers - Idle Anno-like for mobile and (soon) Steam

As @WhollySchmidt said, not really. The graphs that show up when you click on each item in the island storage screen are your best guide to trends. If your colonists are unhappy, you can click the happy face on the upper right to see why. Maybe there’s no linen, so you can click on linen in the island storage and see that it trends downward to zero quickly every time a shipment arrives, so you clearly need to ship more linen.

The only penalty for going to zero on need is you won’t get the benefit of the population type (pioneers won’t make militias, colonists won’t make taxes, etc.) And the penalty for going to zero on a luxury is just a reduction in the benefit (a colonist with no linens but full schnapps will only produce 50% of the taxes that a fully satisfied colonist will.) So it’s not a huge deal to have a production shortage and you have all the time you need to fix it.

I’m just now starting to produce merchant luxuries. I have 7 islands and am in the process of conquering my first size 16 island and slowly replacing my size 12 ones. My fleet of 13 ships is tied up in half a dozen trade routes that gain complexity as I play. And I’m slowly reorganizing my original island more logically. As I said above, you never run out of resources, so you don’t have to worry about efficiency. The game is about managing storage, space, and time, not about building efficient production chains.


  • Your villagers are best located in a cluster around a central well and other area-based buildings. I originally spread them out along the coast and had to move them.
  • You can plant trees in grassy areas. It only puts one tree down, but if you have that space covered by a forester, it’ll add another tree. Three tree spots are only there in original placement and can’t be recovered if they’re destroyed. Lumberjacks only need 12 trees to be fully utilized, so you can create a forest wherever you need it.
  • Don’t forget you can upgrade your Kontor (original building on each island) to get additional item storage. It’s something you should do as soon as you land on a new island, in addition to getting wood production started. Likewise, a garrison adds additional troop storage.
  • I like to seek out mountain-less islands for crops so I have more room, but it does mean you have to ship a lot of stone. Sometimes having a mountain for local stone production is worth it.

Yeah, I’ve been using the graphs, or more realistically just noticing when.the stock is zero, but that doesn’t help me know how many buildings I need to place to get back to equilibrium.

Yeah, you can click on the villagers in the Population screen and it’ll show how many items/minute they’re using, then click on the buildings in the build screen to see how many minutes it takes to produce. My 135 colonists use 0.8 linens per minute total. A Linen Weaver produces 1 linen every 2 minutes from 2 linseeds. So I need 2 of those and they’ll use 4 linseeds every 2 minutes. Linseed farms produce 1 linseed every 2 minutes, so I’ll need 4 farms and the farms each have to be fully planted with 8 linseed fields around them. (Linseed fields produce linseed every 15m55s, and so 8 of them harvested one every 2 minutes is perfect.)

Now I wish there were historic graphs for units too, not just resources. Still, really enjoying this.

I believe that more than 100% does give extra fish; I watched one of my fisheries at 175% tick over and two fish appeared in its stock.

I think you’re right, this stonecutter just ticked over from 0/5 to 2/5 because it’s touching two spaces, 200%.

I don’t know how it works with partial values. For example if a fishery is 125% is that extra 25% rounded down and lost every cycle?

Good question, my assumption is that it would be a % chance of getting double, just like I’d assume that if it was 50% you have a 50% chance of getting one, so if it was 150% you’d have a 50% to get two, and a 50% chance to get one.

Oh that makes sense.

What does this mean?

I just built this barracks, first one on this island. As you can see I have a copper armory placed to make swords as well, but I just built both of them seconds apart, so I have no swords in inventory yet.

So what is the barracks doing if I don’t have swords yet? Does the progress tick down and then as soon as a sword pops into inventory it completes, or does this not really signify any progress at all?

Help me out on Paragon Please: I can’t quite figure out shipping. I have a trade route set, boats on the trade route, and waypoints at my first island Loading a bunch of stuff, then Unloading same stuff at another island with the “Empty boat on unload.” The ships are traveling the route but the goods never seem to arrive, when I look at the ships often there’s just a few crew on it and nothing else. Anyone up for a tutorial?

  • You can only load one type of item per slot on your boats.
  • They’ll load in the order you have them set, from left to right, one slot per icon. So if you want to load more than one slot with the same kind of thing, you have to load it twice.
  • If there are no empty slots or no slots with space for that item type, it won’t load anything.

It’s hard to know what’s happening in your case without more detail, but you said there’s just a few crew on board? Are you shipping troops? Those will take up slots and you won’t be able to load goods in those slots. I’m not quite sure about the details of how “Empty boat on unload” works; maybe it doesn’t empty troops, which could explain why you never have room in your ships. Or maybe it only empties the boat of the types of items you’re unloading, and you need to unload your troops.

I think you’ve hit it, I didn’t realize those two boxes were the extent of my capacity per trip. Thanks.

My speculation is that “Empty Boat on Unload” will dump goods into the sea if there’s not enough room in the receiving warehouse.

Yeah, you eventually unlock bigger, faster ships with more slots. But the first ships can only ship two kinds of goods. You should have everything you need for your pioneers and colonists on your original island. When you move on to townsmen, you can’t grow tobacco or wheat on your original island, so you’ll have to establish trade routes for those. I’ve found it easier to just have one trade good per leg of a trade route, e.g. I have an island with both wheat and linseed growing on it, from which I make bread and linen. (I also ship the raw wheat to an island I’m growing hops on, so it can become malt for beer. That’s a route with 3 legs: 1) go get wheat, 2) deliver wheat and pick up beer, and 3) deliver beer, but each leg only carries one type of good.) Rather than try to ship both bread and linen with one route, I have separate routes with separate ships for each of the two goods. You can’t run out of resources, so you can make as many ships as you need.

Can you have a large amount of the two things on the ship? IE a bunch of stacks to meet the 60/60 thing in the boat’s panel?

The cog has two slots that each hold 60 units of a good for a total of 120 units. So you could have 60 cigars and 60 breads or 120 cigars or whatever. The caravel has two slots that each hold 45 units of a good for a total of 90 units, but it goes twice as fast as the cog. (Normal ship speed is 2 hours to transit between islands. The caravel only takes 1 hour.)

When you get enough townsmen, you can build a medium shipyard which allows you to build the hulk (4 slots with 90 units each) and the pinnace (3 slots with 60 units each, but 3x as fast as the hulk/cog, i.e 40 minute transits.)

Note that you can’t unload a slot if the island’s storage is full for that item. And you can’t discord an individual slot manually; you can only discard the contents of the whole ship. This is a bit annoying at times, particularly with regard to troops, where I’ve got like 1 archer in one slot and 60 archers in the other slot, and what I want is to load 60 footsoldiers in addition to the 60 archers, but I can’t unload the 1 archer because the island’s garrison is full, and I don’t want to discard the 60 archers in the 2nd slot. I actually have a ship parked at my home island to act as temporary swap storage for this kind of situation.

Can you build archers automatically or do you have to recruit them as mercenaries each time for 4 gold? I’m supplying bows and militia but don’t know how to supply the gold.

Yes you can build them automatically using an archery range. The gold should be drawn automatically from your global gold store. (Gold is the only commodity that is shared among all islands.)

I always forget that I can recruit mercenaries. Super useful for cleaning up explored islands. I waste time shipping in troops.

EDIT: I should clarify that I’m talking about gold coins gotten through taxes and/or island sales. There is gold you can mine too that you use to make luxury items for higher-tier villagers.

Do you need to have the archery range close to a building that has the gold store?


See here the gold never populates.

Nope. Coins are everywhere at once.

Oh, I just looked. Archers don’t cost any coins to build at an archery range (just a militia and a bow). That’s why it says 0 coins.