Paragon Pioneers - Idle Anno-like for mobile and (soon) Steam

I think it helps to focus either on crops (no mountains) or mining (all the mountains all the time.)

These upgrades with the update are really nice:

• Quadrupled Paragon favor production
• Improved general UI performance a bit
• Islands can now be reordered
• Trade route waypoints can now be reordered
• Added option for main screen ship button
• Added option for in/out rates for stock history
• Added quick demolition for animal farms
• Show stock of build material needed during build preview
• Show current gold and materials in shipyard
• Added hint if building has no island storage access
• Added link to wiki in settings
and even more!

Hey @tomchick if I start a Paragon Pioneers thread, can we move all the apropos posts from this thread to there?

Of course, happy to do it! Just drop me a PM when you’ve started the thread and I’ll take care of it.

Just to nitpick the thread title: “Anno-like” is much more accurate than “Factorio-like”, I think.

They also added a minor UI bug where every time I clear land (the “bomb” button) it opens up the menu. Go figure!

I’ve actually never played an Anno game. Maybe I should…

Sorry if this has come up before but does farms (potatoes etc) need a warehouse nearby to collect the output?

Generally, yes you need a warehouse nearby. You can also deliver directly to your Kontor if it’s in range. Higher tier warehouses and Kontors have bigger ranges.

IIRC all Kontors have the same range, but you only get one per island so it’s not hugely relevant.

They can also deliver directly to consumers in their production chain (a la Anno) but I always put a warehouse in range anyway because I want the island stocks to fill up if the consumer is full.

If you like this game, yes you should. It takes away the “idle” bit of the game and is much more complex (just a bigger game, in general). I’d hope that one can pick up Anno 1800 on sale for not too much these days, and if you like it then start thinking about the DLC.

Oh yeah, I think you’re right. Kontors are mostly useful for setting up initial production of planks when you land at a new island. You can usually do that in range of the Kontor. And upgrading your Kontor is the best way to increase island storage capacity.

Yeah, me too. Every producer has a warehouse in range.

I think I might sign up for Ubisoft+ and check it out that way. I do like this game quite a bit, so would probably enjoy Anno as well.

That’s a good idea. (They also used to have periodic free play times, either a weekend or a week of ubisoft+ or whatever, if you’re patient. But IIRC one month of ubisoft+ is not a huge spend.)

You should give one a try, but I would suggest 1404 and not 1800. Cheaper, better campaign, still looks beautiful, and less cruft fewer extra features.

It’s a matter of personal taste, but I disagree. Besides the QoL improvements, I think the systems they’ve added (e.g. labor pool) are generally good and the ones they’ve ditched (e.g. land combat) were poorly done. It’s also been tuned quite a bit since release thanks to the mountains of cruft DLC (which is all easily ignorable if you can get past the FOMO).

I just finished this! The last bit was a bit of a slog… well, a bit of a wait is a better way to put it, as the palace takes a lot of money.

In the end I had 1000 paragons and 1000 merchants, fully supplied, and was just waiting for the goods and money to do the palace. And throwing away thousands of troops to grind down the orcs in a meaningless war of attrition to conquer the rest of some islands I didn’t need.

The new game plus mode (or whatever they call it) really tempted me to immediately start again, but I really need to just not have a game on my phone for a while.

Great game, though.

Nice! I’ve just been playing slow; I’ve got about 500 paragons and am setting up the last couple of luxury items.

Yeah, my advice is to not bother going to 1000 until you’ve got the goods all set up; the hearts aren’t really worth it because the new island threshold increases exponentially. And you probably already have enough islands anyway.

Other than money, I ran short of iron at the end (for wine, and then the palace). And I think copper a bit. Be warned that it sounds great to use your copious cartography to put lots of different deposits on an island, but I ended up with one with tons of copper, coal, and gold, and only one or two iron. Ugh. On a related note, don’t go for islands bigger than you need, as it makes the genocide a huge slog.

Also, you can try to guess what resources you’ll need for the palace to get a head start.

Can anyone tell me if lobster reefs always show up gated by the Big Boss, or did I just get unlucky? Because it’s looking like I might not be able to beat this guy without cannons, but that’s a whole lot of trouble to get access to and it might just be easier for me to scout a new island… Thoughts?

They do not, you just got unlucky.

FWIW, without cannons you can still get that guy by throwing a lot of horses at 'em until his support is gone. It would take patience, but horses are cheap.

Oh, hey! I knew horsemen had First Strike, but I missed that the unarmored horses attack the weakest guys first. I thought I had to whack the boss to even get to the bowmen, which seemed impossible.