Paranormal Activity

This movie is getting good buzz in horror circles. It is supposed to be very scary.

I saw The Blair Witch Project in the theaters and it is in my top 10 most awesome theater experiences of my life. If you allowed yourself to get sucked into what they were presenting it was a very effective horror movie. I remember feeling quite unsettled after the movie. This movie looks like it could do the same thing to you. I was wondering lately if it is worth watching Blair Witch on dvd at home. It probably wouldn’t have the same impact as watching it on the big screen in a theater.

Looks like PA is in limited release and then if it does well it will be more widely released. Hopefully it does well!

Me too, on Blair Witch. I was aware of the viral marketing going on, but otherwise blissfully unaware of the movie (it helped going to see it opening night). It definately unsettled me.

I’ll check this trailer out as soon as I get home today.

I was not a fan of Blair Witch but that trailer has caught my interest and I’d definitely like to see it. Somehow I get the feeling it’ll be one of those movies that doesn’t get any theatrical and very little post theatrical distribution north of the border.

Flour on the floor is so scary!

I believe Patrick Klepek posted on Neogaf about a year ago about seeing this. He loved it.

As an aside on the Blair Witch, I really didn’t think much of it in the cinema, but was a lot more impressed watching at home on telly. It seemed to me that because I am more used to watching documentaries at home, the style seemed to suit that, rather than the cinema. Your mileage may of course vary…

Blair Witch is one of those movies that I just didn’t get. I was annoyed or bored the whole time.

The faux documentary handheld camera style didn’t bug me. The acting and the “plot” just made me cringe.

I never saw the Blair Witch, actually. Should I?

This movie looks pretty good though. I hope that, in some form or another, it makes its way to Tulsa…at least as a rental.

Some people hate it but I liked it. I wasn’t up on all the hype when I saw it and I watched it at my girlfriend’s cabin out in the middle of nowhere. That coupled with the fact that I’ve been in that lost in the wilderness situation before meant that the movie really worked for me.

I loved Blair Witch and purposely didn’t follow the hype before I saw it. I’m an avid hiker/backpacker, so it really appealed to me and freaked me out appropriately.

Yep, I happily bought right into Blair Witch. Well, I was a little bit pharmaceutically enhanced, which didn’t hurt at all. AEEIIEIIIGGGHHHH.

So I’m excited for Paranormal Activity – I plan to turn off all critical thinking skills and squeal like a little girl.

I saw TBWP in theaters while tripping my face off on a hallucinogenic substance.

Needless to say, it was not that awesome.

I think that is trailer is bad marketing. They paired the audience freakout shots with very unscary movie shots (maybe because it’s really hard to capture really scary stuff in a quick cut, but that’s their problem not mine). This undermines any effect that telling me the audience loved it might have, because it makes me not trust their judgment. And by cutting between the audience and the film clips, it dulls any impact the film clips might have. At least, that was my experience.

I’d say any serious movie fan should see Blair Witch. Whether you enjoy it or not, it’s hard to deny that it has an important place in film history. A blockbuster indie movie, a huge horror phenomenon and a groundbreaking marketing campaign. All three of those things are rare, especially in one film.

I really liked it as a movie too. Hoping Paranormal Activity comes to Minneapolis.

Saw this last night at a screening in Atlanta… I really enjoyed it a lot. Definitely a slow build, and it works. The only drawback is movies like this tend to attract the jackasses who are absolutely determined to not be scared and usually make asinine comments through the entire film in an attempt to prove they aren’t.

It helps to punch people like that in the face. It really does work.

Teledyne and I had the chance to go and see the screening here in SF. We chose not to go because I had to go to work the next day.

I’m looking forward to seeing it.

I love the idea of a movie that is scary without necessarily being gory. Sign me up.

I saw it last night with my horror buff friend. I haven’t gotten much sleep this week so I was half comatose, and the concession line was unmanageable – the showing was completely sold out – only two midnight showings a week at this Seattle theater – so no caffeinated beverage for me. And I deliberately pulled back from getting totally into the movie – I wimped out, turned my eyes away, etc. I was just too tired to handle a massive adrenaline spike well.

But it was indeed FUCKING CREEPY. I want to post more about it, but I’m going to start a spoilers thread. I will say that I have never been in a horror audience that was so riveted… no assholes, and lots of cathartic full-house shrieking. DEFINITELY see it at a midnight showing with like-minded souls if you can.

I would say overall it was a substantially better movie than Blair Witch, though perhaps not actually scarier. For me, anyway. I also caught Blair Witch in opening week at a late-night sold-out showing, and it fucking terrified me… I was a lot more awake and ready to take the ride with that one. But judging from everyone around me, and my friend, anyone who did take the ride with Paranormal Activity really got seriously fucking freaked out. I think there was actually more screaming in Paranormal Activity.

Slow build… yes, that is right. <shudder>