Parenting-related Movie Pain

Before I can finally watch Napolean Dynamite (now that the DVD is out), I have to wait for this to finish. Ugh, it is horrible, and the 3D is giving me a headache.

Is it at least to the death?

The people who bought that also bought Pure Pleasure? How nice!

This is such a better match-up.

as a parent stuck watching a lot of movies that wouldn’t interest me, I liked that one.

from the amazon blurb:

“…there are some scary images here, particularly of a snowman writhing to his fiery death…”

now i want to see it.

Sounds like the perfect family Christmas movie.

Time to see if the local Blockbuster has it.

Talk about parent related movie pain. My son just doesn’t care for movies. I love watching movies. It is one of the things I really wanted to share with my kids. I hope it is just a stage and he grows out of it.

How old is your son?

After living through my eldest son’s obsession with the Lion King at age 3 (when frustrated, he would roar at people), we began to think through how we would tactically expose our other children to holiday and children’s films, so that we wouldn’t have to suffer through something that we didn’t like.

Now, our holiday season is pretty respectable, as far as movies go. Our children’s favorites now number among The Nightmare Before Christmas, A Christmas Story, Charlie Brown and Renkin & Bass TV shows, and the ever popular: Lord of the Rings Special Edition DVD marathon (although that last one may just be for Daddy).